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[Musing Maddie's Review]: "Betting On You"

Betting On You by Sydney Landon
Publisher: InterMix (January 21, 2014) 
Series: Danvers, 4.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Living the life of a rich socialite was never in Mia’s plans, much to the chagrin of her wealthy parents.
She’s made her own way, studying computer science at Brown and snagging a coveted position with Danvers International after graduation. Her plan to avoid parental involvement seems to be going well until her mother buys her a date at a charity auction—with the hot resort owner who she’s been eyeing on her latest work project.

Seth never mixes business with pleasure, but something about Mia drives him to distraction. Giving into his desires for just one night will hopefully clear his head enough to keep his hands off her during office hours.

But when one mind-blowing night turns into weeks of flirtation, frustration, and companionship, Mia realizes that their workplace fling may be developing into more—and that Seth might be the perfect man she’s been waiting for…

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Musing Maddie's Review:

The biggest problem with Sydney Landon's Betting on You was that it was a novella. Greedy readers, such as myself, will just want more. Such is the calibre and talent of Sydney Landon. So, be prepared to strap yourself in for a short, sweet, a little naughty and sexy romp.

Seth Jackson is one of those gorgeous, ostensibly quiet and reserved Heros. He had a previous, brief entanglement with Danvers International, and would soon meet a woman who would knock him for six, both in and out of the bedroom. Due to his instant attraction to Mia, it surprised him when even geeky words like equipment and hard drive turned him on.

Mia Gentry was my type of heroine. She was sassy, smart, confident, complete with a wicked sense of humor. Coming from a privileged background had caused her to want to prove herself to the world, particularly in her number one love, computer science.

Both Mia and Seth wanted to be acknowledged for who they were, not the wealth from which they came. Previous relationships had left them jaded and cautious. Working in close contact with each other, and a charity auction where Seth is auctioned off, forces the sparks to fly between Mia and Seth. And you will absolutely love those sparks. Things are not always as clearly defined as what they think though, so, be prepared for a little predictable tension and drama.

Written with Landon's cleverly descriptive prose, scenes were deliciously schmexy, the dialogue witty, real and fast paced, and new characters were smoothly assimilated, given enough airtime to cause you to adore them. (I hope we hear more about Margie. Loved her!)

Betting on You was a really sweet sidestep from the series, which added an extra dimension to the fabulous Danvers family. You can read it as a stand-alone, but, seriously, why would you? Landon fans will be devouring this novella because she wrote it. New fans will be thoroughly impressed and eager to start at the very beginning, Weekends Required. My only complaint? I just wanted more! Told you - greedy!

      4 STARS!


Musing Maddie received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.


Meet Musing Maddie:

Musing Maddie is an avid reader, who mainly devours all things romance. She loves series, but only when the story warrants a few books rather than one. A strong, intelligent female with a bit of sass and wit is the preferred heroine in the books she reads, and some sizzle between the sheets is welcome too. Well, ok...more than welcome! Well, not just between the sheets is just fine too! She’s from Down Under, so her humor is on the crazy side. Captivating storylines, with well developed plot and yes, hot, hunky Heroes, is definitely a preference, but she loves it when the characters are damaged, and their story brings hope and restoration. Yes please to HEAs!

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Thanks for the review, MM! There's nothing at all wrong with being a greedy reader! :)

Have you read Sydney Landon before? Do you have a favorite? What was the last book that brought our your inner greedy reader? :)


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