Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feedback Needed: TBQ's Book Palace Snapshots

Sometimes we don’t have time to read a full blurb on a book, and just want to see what caught someone’s attention that week. Well, we are thinking of including occasional Snapshots by Maddie, Kame, Pat and me. Quick comments on what we have read recently, and why we recommend them. 

However, we need your help.

What do you want to know? We all have a different review writing style, genre preference, and likes and dislikes. But, what could we answer in our thirty second Snapshot that would help you, the reader, decide on what book you should next grab?

Throw some questions here of things you would like answered.

I have to give credit to Musing Maddie for this idea! :) I love it!

I know I've finished a book, but due to lack of time (or sometimes an inability to find the right words) I have passed on reviewing it. Yet many of these books are ones I'd still like to recommend to others! And I know we all have "older" books that we love, but not many readers know about. Snapshots would also help to promote such books. 

And we all know that sometimes you find a book that is just so out there, or makes you want to rant; Snapshots *could* also be used for comments and discussions on such books -- politely, of course, as we do not bash books, be it in a review or a comment. 

But, we need your help first -- what do you want to see from these Snapshots posts?


Until Next Time,


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Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

Hmm. Heat level, if the characters are likable and have chemistry, what the main theme is--reunion romance, fake mates, siblings best friend, friends to lovers, etc. Maybe a quick quote.

The_Book_Queen said...

You know I always love quotes, so that'll be a given!
I love the idea of the main theme, too; I don't often identify that in my reviews, but I have started to with some.
Thank you for the comments, Anna!

Kame said...

I like the main theme idea - I have read a few that I wished I knew ahead they were a secret baby theme (as I really dislike) - maybe what we categorize them as. Heat level is good maybe a common scale? How about if it is in a series, list book # and if it could be a stand alone or if you need to start with another book first!
Great idea Maddie!

The_Book_Queen said...

Yes re: the stand alone. I always put the series title and # in the book's info on every post, but unless we bring it up in a particular review, we never do mention if it's best read in order or not. So that would be helpful to many, I'm sure!