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[Kame's Review]: "My Confession"

My Confession by DeLaine Roberts
Publisher: DeLaine Roberts, LLC (January 18, 2014) 
Series: Running Series, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Harrison Brooks possesses all the qualities most women admire. He’s a gentleman first, has made his own wealth and could charm the pants off of most girls with his model-quality good looks. He’s played hard with the big leagues and enjoyed the likes of many women willing to be his evening’s conquest, hoping to capture the heart of the rich playboy.

When Harrison meets Monica Green, he leaves his life in Chicago behind to be with her. 

With trust issues, he allowed jealousy to destroy his relationship with Monica, and even more desperate, he magnifies events as an excuse to be a jackass and leave her, shy of the alter. 

desperate and drowning in self-pity, Harrison moves back to Chicago and finds his life turned upside down one night at Logan’s Bar. The events that unfold help him discover the man buried inside himself that he really wants to become. Will he make more mistakes and find himself in shreds?

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Kame's Review:

When it’s right, it’s worth the fight.

Harrison is the twin that happiness seems to elude. His heart beats for Monica, and memories hold him hostage. But rather than wallow in sorrow he is determined to improve the lives of people no matter where it takes him in life.

Hiding behind pride would get me nowhere and would only continue to hurt both of us, but I couldn’t bring myself to vocalize that only she could be everything I wanted and everything I needed.

We see a softer side of Harrison in this book. He is not consumed by business and has such a giving heart; and a romantic one too. Once he decides to do anything to keep Monica in his life and make her his bride there is nothing he won’t do. The proposal just about made me melt. Monica is strong and generous in spirit.

This book is the last in a trilogy about the Brooks brothers. It is a nice end to Grayson and Harrison’s story. And I guess that is what I thought of this trilogy – the guys’ story. The first book focuses on Grayson, the second on mending the twin’s relationship, and now in book 3 we are seeing the focus switch to Harrison. Yes they find love but the common thread in this trilogy is building of a family.

It had been a while since I read Two Sides Of A Heartbeat and when I read it I was so focused on Alex and Grayson I forgot parts of Harrison’s story – so when I started this book it was more like a standalone for me. It took me a while to get into Harrison’s POV, which the entire first half of the book is told in. The book really flowed for me when it switched to Monica’s POV. I loved her voice. 
She was the right character to describe the high emotion scenes of this book.

What I truly enjoy about DeLaine Roberts’ writing is that we get more of the story after the initial HEA than other contemporaries. I get what I am always asking other authors for – what happened after they decided they loved each other. The trials of newlyweds – the showing us not everything is roses that first year. That just saying yes to a proposal doesn’t mean it is smooth sailing. That is why I read her books; and why I will continue reading each one she publishes.

For the upmost enjoyment I recommend you read all three books in order. 

   4 STARS!

Kame received an e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) I still need to read this series; I am so glad that you enjoyed this book!

Have you read DeLaine Roberts? Do you enjoy books where the author shows us what happens after the traditional HEA? When real life begins? :) Seems fitting, as today is Valentine's Day, after all! 


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