Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Kame's Snapshots]: "Ace's Keys"

If you recall, recently we asked your opinion on a new type of quickie post. We received some great feedback about what you would like to see, but please continue to tell us what works and what doesn't so we can improve even more in the future! 

Today, Kame is providing us with our first Snapshot. Today, she's sharing her thoughts, much like a mini-review, of a recent book she read. 

In future Snapshots, we could be sharing book quotes, discuss the book, rant about it, or recommend it! :) 

Ace's Keys by Abbie St. Claire
Publisher: Southern Ink Press (February 13, 2014) 
Series: Bad Boys 'N Bars, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Initial launch price of $.99 for a limited time.

Mia Kennedy is having a rough week. While attending a business conference, she comes down with the flu. When she returns to her apartment a few days early, she finds her live-in boyfriend, Connor, has female company.

A night out with her best friends, Claire and Ashley, turns interesting. A rebound relationship isn’t what she needs or expects, but when she meets Ace, he turns her world upside down. Sex with Connor was like playing doctor. Sex with Ace blows her mind, leaving her to make bad decisions.

Ace clearly communicates that he isn’t the relationship kind of guy, his only interest is having a good time. So why does he keep finding Mia for more?

Mia knows that Ace is bad for her, but every time she vows to stay away from him, something always leads her right back to his bed. Can she be the key to his heart? 

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Kame's Thoughts:

Wow - Abbie

I read this book very quickly - I almost feel like I just finished a race. This is not a enjoy slowly book - this is read it fast so you can get to all the good parts book.

Lots of steamy scenes and not all of them vanilla!

I kind of wish it was longer - I wish we had more between Ace and Mia - a lot of time was devoted to Mia's friends and I wonder if we will see them again.

I bought this book myself and I will be looking for the second book in this series


4 Stars – I did like it – it was a good break from my normal read for me



Meet Kame:

Kame is part of a family of readers; one day she picked up the Nook she purchased for her husband and discovered her love of e-books. A few months later he purchased one for her so he could have his back! Kame’s Nook is never far, and she is hard pressed to pick a favorite book, genre or author. As long as there are characters that make her want to sit down and have a chat and a plot keeps the pages turning, she’ll read it.

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Thanks for the quick thoughts, Kame!

So what do you want to see in our future Snapshots? 

Also, have you read this author before? Thoughts?


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Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Wow! Just learned what a snapshot review is! I'd love to try it!! Thanks Kame!

Kame said...

Why thanks Pat!

The_Book_Queen said...

It's funny -- every time I typed "snapshot" (either for the post or when promoting it on FB or Twitter) I kept typing "snapeshot" first. LOL. Always had to double check and delete!
Hope that we have many more Snapshots in the future -- really, we can play with this kind of post anyway we want. :)