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[Double Review + Discussion]: "Nobody"

Nobody by Sarah M. Anderson
Publisher: Sarah M. Anderson (April 4, 2014)
Series: Men of the White Sandy, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Nobody Bodine came from a nobody and will always be a nobody. He can disappear into the shadows—no one can see him if he doesn’t want them to. He exists on the edge, in neither the white man’s world nor the tribe’s, dispensing vigilante justice when he sees fit. There’s no other place for a man like him in this world.

Until Melinda Mitchell shows up on the rez. From the first moment he lays eyes on her, he can tell there’s something different about her. For starters, she’s not afraid of him. She asks where his scars came from, and why he has so many. But more than that, she sees him. For the first time in his life, Nobody feels like a somebody in her eyes.

Melinda has come west to run the new day care on the White Sandy Reservation. She’s intrigued by this strange man and his tattered skin, and when she discovers that he’s a self-appointed guardian angel for the boy in her care, she realizes that there’s more to Nobody than meets the eyes. But how far will he go to keep the boy safe? And will she be able to draw him into the light?

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Our Discussion:

Kame: We both really liked Masked Cowboy and I am so happy Sarah gave us the chance to read Nobody! I have to confess I didn’t really remember Nobody from the last book.  But the more we got to know him and his history in this book he just started to take up a deep place in my heart. This is seriously one of my favorites so far this year.

TBQ: Nobody definitely has a way with sneaking around . . . and sneaking into your heart! :) I agree, his book is definitely at the top of my favorites for the year, as well as being my favorite book to date from Sarah.

I've read this series in order (though it's not necessary, I assure you!), so I've been anxious for Nobody's book from the start. My heart ached a bit in the previous books when he was mentioned, because I just knew there was a terrible story in his past, but finally getting that story just about broke me!

Kame: So the book opens with Melinda coming to the Rez – I am not sure about the dynamic between the sisters. I myself had the same reaction as Melinda to the child care center; I applaud her vision to see how to make it better.

TBQ: I'd like to believe that Melinda and Madeline's relationship will improve as time goes on. I think Melinda's starting to see Madeline in her new life, and vice versa. There's no doubt these sisters have something in common – drive, determination, and a vision. Madeline (from Mystic Cowboy) worked so hard to improve not only the clinic but the very life on the rez, and continues to do so. Melinda has taken the child care center and turned it around, as well. Both woman are very strong, one of the things that I so love about Anderson's novels!

Kame: I love how Melinda was a free spirit. She doesn’t question her ability to sense Nobody when no one else can, and seems to accept his ability to “hide”.  She showed him respect and that is what I think drew him to her. She “saw” him.

TBQ: * nods * I loved how it wasn't just that she could sense when he was hiding in the darkness, but the fact that she was also able to see, as you said, the real Nobody, not the shadow that the world sees. I also liked the touch of “other” that Anderson adds to each of the books in this series, pulling from the Native American beliefs and stories. It's not a paranormal, by any means, but it does make the reader wonder about these skills, whether it's Rebel, the medicine man, or Nobody's ability to, for lack of a better word, bend the shadows around himself. It adds a unique touch the story, but stays true to the setting and type of tale being told.

Kame: Whoa – that scene of them riding back to his “place” the first time.

TBQ: Oh yes! I so loved that scene. I was worried, of course, for Nobody, but I loved that he was willing to trust her, to show her where he lives. I hated that he worried she would think less of him because of the way he lived, but I was happy when she proved otherwise to him. The books! Oh, he's my kind of man (though I'm not a fan of westerns, I'm sure I could convert him to some other genres). :D

Kame: Without spoilers – was Melinda right to do what she had to do to ensure Jamie was safe?

TBQ: Ooh, good question! Yes, I think she was. Oh, this is kind of hard to answer without spoiling it though . . . But, in short, yes, and I think Nobody realized this, too, perhaps not at the time, but after. The fact that she wanted to help Jamie so made me like her even more. There would have been many, on the rez or off, who would have simply looked the other way, unable or unwilling to help him. But not Melinda!

After reading Nobody, are you now interested in more contemporaries involving Native American characters?

Kame: Absolutely!  It’s not like I avoided them in the past, I guess I just haven’t seen many contemporaries involving Native American characters that weren’t paranormal. I hope there is a flux of them on the market and I plan on reading everyone Sarah writes!

TBQ: It's defintiely a hard genre to find. There are plenty of older romances (80s and 90s) with Native American characters, but they're all historical settings. I love finding contemporary Native American romances, and I do wish more authors would write them. Maybe someday soon! 

And if you had to sum up this book in just one sentence, what would that be?

Kame: That is tough…

Nobody is a book about moving past the unthinkable evil to find and in the end finding more love than you could imagine.

And yours?

TBQ: Well said! 

A man with a broken past, a strong woman determined to help . . . Nobody tells a romance that is both sexy and sweet!

Kame: Favorite quotes. Go!

“You’re crying,” he said, terror in his voice. “Did I hurt you?”

“No – God, no. I’m just so glad you’re going to try. I’m not going to give up on you. Nobody. All I can ask is that you don’t give up on us.”

He rubbed a tear from her cheek. “Us. Never had an us before.”

He’d never been with the same woman more than twice. That was a record he was looking forward to breaking.

TBQ: That's not fair – that was my favorite quote, too! :) Hm . . . Oh, I've got one!

“Oh, no you don't.” The next thing he knew, she had looped her arms around his neck and was holding him in place. “Don't you dare kiss me like that and then disappear.”

“I don't want to hurt you.” There. He'd said what he should have said earlier.

“Then don't hurt me.” Her lips brushed over his, a whisper of a touch. Jesus, she was going to kill him. “Just kiss me slow and hard.”

Kame: OOO – I like that one too! – Thanks TBQ, I enjoy these book discussions so much.

TBQ: Thanks for the great discussion today, Kame – I'm so glad that Nobody turned out so amazing for both of us! If Sarah continues this series, I see another discuss in the future.

Below, you'll find out mini reviews. And don't forget to stop back on May 5th when Sarah M. Anderson will be back on the blog, answering ALL our questions! It's EPIC, I tell you, all Nobody's secrets are spilled! :) 

Mini Reviews:


Melinda Mitchell comes to the White Sandy Reservation to open a day care center. It is far different than the life she left behind, but she needed a change in scenery and to get away from an ugly breakup. She knows

Nobody is the definition of tortured hero. As more about his past was revealed his became more entrenched in my heart. The fact that he lived through all that pain in his life and came out of it with the moral code he has is just incredible. To be able to do that he shuts down parts of himself, and slowly Melinda brings them back to life. Melinda is a free spirit who had a hard time fitting in before she comes to the reservation. She is open, patient, accepting, honest, strong and kind.

The emotion behind this story will get to anyone heart. The plot is not all hearts and flowers, memories of unthinkable abuse are written in a sensitive manner which did not turn this into a dark book.  Nobody and Melinda share a connection that leaps off the page. Nobody has been invisible for so long, to have someone who sees him, truly sees him is a powerful pull.  They will join forces to protect a child. Their different approaches show just how different they are.

I really didn't want it to end - I want to read more about Nobody and Melinda.

4 1/2 STARS! 


I've been anxiously waiting for Nobody's book since Mystic Cowboy (book 1) came out. Luckily, Nobody did not disappoint!

Nobody Bodine is definitely a very tortured hero, and I felt his pain in this book. When he begins to open up about his past with Melinda, I nearly cried at his obvious pain. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see him fall for Melinda, a woman who cared for him, who could see him. He deserved a HEA, and the journey to reach it was so very well done.

I've really enjoyed Sarah M. Anderson's previous books, and Nobody is definitely my favorite so far. I love the types of stories Anderson tells, and the heroes she creates. Her heroines are also very strong, and the romance is both sweet and sexy. Perfection, really!

I loved finally reading Nobody's story, and being able to visit with the various characters of the White Sandy again. Steamy and sweet with a lovely story and fascinating setting, Nobody is a gem of a contemporary romance. If you love a good tortured hero with a heart of gold, don't miss this book!

4 1/2 STARS! 

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Kame and I received e-ARCs of this book from the author in exchange for our honest opinions.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Sarah M. Anderson; Kame and TBQ's Book Palace do not claim them.

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Does this sound like a book you want to read? As you can tell, Kame and I both HIGHLY recommend it! You can read the books out of order, though I guarantee you'll want to go back and revisit the previous novels. 

Have you read Sarah M. Anderson before? Do you have a favorite book of hers? Have you came across many contemporary Native American romances? Do you have a favorite to recommend to us?

Don't forget, Sarah will be here in one week (May 5th) for a very deep look at Nobody's story as we both grill her to reveal ALL her secrets! And, as a bonus, I'll be giving away an ecopy of the book on that post!


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