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[Blog Tour]: Interview with Nina Rowan + Giveaway!


Originally from California, Nina Rowan holds a PhD in Art History from McGill University, Montreal, with a specialization in 19th century French and Russian art. A librarian-at-heart, she also has an MA in Library and Information Sciences. Nina lives in Wisconsin with her atmospheric scientist husband and two children.

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TheBookQueen: Welcome to the blog, Nina! 

I loved A Passion for Pleasure (#2), and I so look forward to continuing this series! So tell us a little bit about A DREAM OF DESIRE, why readers will love it.

Introduce us to Talia and James a bit; what are they like, and why do they belong together?

Nina: James is a world explorer – a kind and generous man who is loyal to a fault, but finds peace from his difficult past only when he is out on an adventure. He is a close friend of Talia’s eldest brother Alexander, and she has both known and loved him since she was a child. Still struggling in the aftermath of a family scandal, Talia finally decides to confess her love for James, just before he leaves for another expedition. The declaration changes both them and their lives forever. They belong together because they have known each other for years and because Talia’s love of home and stability gives James the balance that his reckless, adventuring life needs.

TBQ: Talia decides to pursuit James, as she is tired of being seen as the little sister of his best friend. Is this a trope that you like to read about? 

N: I adore the plot line of friends becoming lovers, and also that of a long-lasting, secret love. I don’t have a favorite book that uses that plot line, though I know it’s been done! I think the appeal of it is that Talia truly loves James for who he is—she has known him for so long and knows all the facets of his personality. She also knows exactly how he treats his friends and family, so her love for him is real and very deep. That’s what makes it especially powerful—it’s not like she just met him and fell in love. She has loved him for years already.

TBQ: Really, nothing beats a good friends to lover romance, so I can't wait to read Talia and James' story! 

What is about historical romances that appeal to you, both as a reader and a writer?

N: Part of the appeal is the escapist element of being transported to a completely different time and place. Also, historical romances allow for a whole different set of plot structures and characters, as defined by the morals and society of the era. The research part of it is just fun as a writer, and as a reader I love to become immersed in all the descriptions and details that make a historical setting come alive.

TBQ: You're right! That's why I love historicals; they seem like fantasy almost, and yet they're based on a time that I wouldn't otherwise be able to visit. 

Before I let you go, could you share a few fun/wacky/unique things about yourself? Also, if you have a question for the readers to answer, please leave it here!

Nina: I have PhD in Art History and spent some of my best years in Montreal and Paris working on my dissertation (that’s the “fun” part for a bookworm!), while at the same time I got my start in publishing by writing erotica. I can also tell you exactly where to find the best chocolate religieuse in Paris, the best baguette in Montreal, and the best gelato in Rome.

My question for readers is: 

Outside of Regency and Victorian London, what historical era would you love to see in a romance novel?

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A Dream of Desire by Nina Rowan
Publisher: Forever (May 27, 2014)
Series: Daring Hearts, 3
Genre: Historical Romance

No Distance Can Keep Them Apart.

For most her life, Lady Talia Hall has been dreaming of the day James Forester will take her in his arms and kiss her with unrestrained passion. Tired of waiting, Talia decides to take drastic measures to make James see her as more than his best friend's little sister. But her bold plan goes awry when the scoundrel informs her that he is leaving London—and her—for a life of adventure traveling the world. Crushed, Talia throws herself into her reform work and vows never again to let her foolish heart get the better of her.

But even halfway across the world, James can't stop thinking of the beautiful Talia, her bold declaration . . . or her brazen kiss. And when James learns that Talia's reform work has thrown her into the path of danger and scandal, nothing can keep him from returning to London. But a broken heart is not easily put back together, and old habits die hard. Talia and James must learn that trusting in true love is the greatest adventure of all...

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Thanks for stopping by, Nina! I very much look forward to reading A DREAM OF DESIRE! I'm a bit jealous of your travels, truth me told. Lucky girl!

Don't forget Nina's question: 

Outside of Regency and Victorian London, what historical 
era would you love to see in a romance novel?


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