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[Double Review]: "Gimme Some Sugar"

Gimme Some Sugar by Kimberly Kincaid
Publisher: Zebra Books (June 3, 2014)
Series: Pine Mountain, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Out of the frying pan. . .and into the fire!

Desperate to escape the spotlight of her failed marriage to a fellow celebrity-chef, Carly di Matisse left New York City for a tiny town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The restaurant she's running these days may not be chic, but in Pine Mountain she can pretend to be the tough cookie everybody knows and loves. Until she finds herself spending too much time with a way-too-hot contractor whose rugged good looks melt her like butter...

Jackson Carter wasn't looking for love. But he's not the kind of man to walk away from a worksite—or from a fiery beauty whose passionate nature provides some irresistible on-the-job benefits...

It's the perfect temporary arrangement for two ravenous commitment-phobes, except that Jackson and Carly keep coming back for seconds... and thirds... and fourths..

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Kame's Review:

Carly came to Pine Mountain to get away from her ex-husband and to try to establish herself as a chef of a thriving restaurant and to bide her some time until she could return home to New York City. She meets Jackson when he is contracted to repair the deck off the back of the bungalow she is renting. What starts out as a simple offer of lemonade turns into more than either one ever dreamed of.

I truly enjoyed Jackson in book 1 of this series, I didn’t think I could but I fell in love with him a little more in this book. Yes he is a big hulking contractor, but he is thoughtful and a devoted friend, son and brother.  He has deep commitment issues which are stronger than any character I have read before. During the last chapters my heart ached for him. Carly is warm and giving and devoted to her craft. To her cooking is the whole package and the eating should be a complete experience. She is defiantly not a diva, and I enjoyed all the little scenes where she showed her personality. Jackson and Carly felt a definite connection but neither trusted that a relationship was possible; they missed the signs that everyone else saw that indicated they were falling in love.

Another great look at this town and more fantastic secondary characters. Shane and Bellamy from book 1 have a definite presence. We get to know Carly’s BFF Sloane better and her sous chef Adrian. There are no dramatic secondary plots, so this is a nice straight forward story.  At the end there are a few recipes included and I plan on trying to make the scones that Jackson loved so much.

A great second installment to the series and I have already marked book 3 as Want To Read on my GoodReads.

4 1/2 STARS! 

Pat's Review:

Carly di Matisse was a chef in a very busy New York restaurant. She thought she could handle just about anything, until she walked into a back room and found her chef/husband having sex with the bosses daughter.  As if cheating wasn't bad enough, she was then fired. She's now living in Pine Mountain with her best friend romance writer Sloane, she is head chef of La Dolce Vita, the Pine Mountain Lodge's restaurant and best of all her soux chef Adrian joined her when she left New York. She misses New York and her family, but she is really enjoying being head chef in her own kitchen. After a terrible storm dropped a tree on their deck, Carly meets contractor Jackson Carter in a series of events that will make you laugh out loud.

Jackson has lived in Pine Mountain since he was ten. He enjoys construction work, and works for a friend. His life is happy enough, but his Mom, brothers and friends think he needs more, meaning a woman.  He likes women as long as it's no strings and both parties go away happy.  He has a fear of relationships and even though very attracted to Carly as she is to him, they both can't commit to anything but friends with benefits.  Carly and Jackson are falling in love, but both would deny it vehemently.

There is lots of laughter, tears, family love and wonderful food.  Ms. Kinkaid graciously includes recipes in the book also. This is the second book in the Pine Mountain Series, can be read as a stand alone, but the first is equally enjoyable as the second. Looking forward to my next visit to Pine Mountain.


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Kame and Pat both received e-ARCs of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for their honest opinion.

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Thanks for the reviews, ladies! :) Sounds like a fun small-town contemporary; who could resist that?

Have you read Kimberly Kincaid before? Do you have a favorite book of hers?


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Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

Oh yay! I've not read this series from Kimberly but Pat you know I love her other series. And that she includes recipes so nice. Glad to see this one was a great read!

Sophia Rose said...

Ah, this one sounds great and got two thumbs up. I love small town romances and the recipes sound like a fun add too. I haven't read this author yet.

Lover Of Romance said...

I love good food in books!!! Seems like its a sweet romance!! Definitely will need to add this one. By the way Danielle, I love the new layout!!! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather!!

The_Book_Queen said...

The only downfall to food in books? It makes me hungry! lol.

Ah, thanks, hun, I'm glad I'm finally able to share the new layout. And yes, I'm loving this weather; I've been taking so many walks. :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Me, too -- small town + recipes = catnip I can't resist! :)