Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lusting for Covers (180)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

Kieran by Allyson James
Expected Publication Date: June 9th 2014
Series: Tales of the Shareem, 7
Genre: Erotica - Fantasy / Paranormal

Kieran, created to be the ultimate a level-three Shareem, is paired with an unlikely heroine. Felice, fleeing from years of slavery finds herself rescued by a man who claims to be a slave himself. Kieran seems to be two people rolled into one--the laid-back, nothing-bugs-him hunk, and the dark-voiced, commanding level three. Felice finds herself pulled into his world, where the two of them must work to free all the Shareem, forever.

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Sexy abs. And they're wet? *swoons*  I admit, I have not read any of the books in this series, heso I'm not sure if they would work for me or not. But
 the covers are all great, and this is definitely one I would buy just to stroke that cover! :) 

Kame's Pick

Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor
Publisher: Loveswept (September 9, 2014)
Series: The McKinney Brothers, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Prepare to be swept away by a talented debut author with a passionate, powerful story to tell.

They meet on a beach. . . . Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or sipping umbrella drinks, not when she’s busy chasing around four little ones. And Matt McKinney isn’t looking for fun—he’s a Navy SEAL, a grown man with a long list of missions . . . and fallen brothers.

They only have a week. . . . Abby has brought her children to this beach to start over, to give them the enjoyable memories they deserve. Matt’s been sidelined by a combat injury, and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made: to remain a SEAL—focused and dedicated. This leaves no time for what he’s always wanted: a family.

But a week is all it takes. . . . Matt opens her heart while Abby soothes his soul. And though they plan to say good-bye when the week is over, something magical happens on that beach, something neither can forget. Something utterly, completely worth falling for.

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Kame: Okay this cover caught my eye but the blurb just sent me clicking on the request button.

TBQ: I can see why! Oh man, I never grow tired of this cover . . . his hand, oh his hand! I'm jealous of it. Very, very jealous. :D

What cover are you currently lusting for? Tell me, I want to know! Follow the directions above on how to post your own Lusting for Covers, and leave a comment telling me what you think of the cover for Kieran and Worth The Fall?


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Melody May said...

Must be an ab week for you guys. I went with vampire this week. Anyway, loving the covers.

KAMEBookReview said...

LOVE your cover TBQ!

Lover Of Romance said...

I just love both of these. Some delicious abs!! I could look at these all day.

Sharonda Lowman said...

lols @ jealous of his am I ;)

The_Book_Queen said...

Ab weeks are the best . . . Just sayin' :D

The_Book_Queen said...

:) Thanks!

The_Book_Queen said...

Me, too. I think we need blown up cover posters for our walls . . .

The_Book_Queen said...

:D Wet makes everything better . . . "That's what she said!" *snort*

The_Book_Queen said...

:D Really, what sane woman WOULDN'T be, right?

Sophia Rose said...

Hey Kame! I got sucked into grabbing that one for review based on the cover too. ;)

Red Iza said...

I simply can't decide which one I prefer : on Kam's cover, there are those nice abs and this sexy hand movement, on the top cover, there is this very nice body who's all wet... Ah, I'm going to begin my day with a smile on my face thanks to you girls ! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Not a bad thing, I'm thinking. :) Here's hoping it's as good as the cover!

The_Book_Queen said...

Hehe! Either way, we've provided ample man-candy inspiration for the day! Now if only they were real . . . :)

Fiza said...

Oh I'll have sweet dreams for sure ;)

The_Book_Queen said...

*smirks* Oh yes, the very best kind of dreams . . .