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[Blog Tour]: Interview with Candis Terry + Giveaway!


Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.

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TheBookQueen: Hi Candis! I'm so glad to have you on the blog today. 

I do have to apologize; I didn't realize until after I sent the interview questions that you answered many of them when I interviewed you last year -- so sorry about the repeat questions! I'll do better next time, I promise!

What can I get you to drink? Since summer is here (finally!), I have some lighter treats out – strawberry shortcake, fresh mellon and fruit, etc. Help yourself!

Candis: Hi! Thanks for having me here today. It’s a sweltering 100 degrees outside right now so anything with ice would be nice.

TBQ: *hands over an icy glass of iced tea*

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started writing romance. 

C: Basically as a kid I read everything I could get my hands on–comic books, Nancy Drew, cereal boxes. Though I read some teen romance back in the day I never thought about writing. I just loved to read. Later when my baby daughter refused to sleep at night a co-worker gave me a handful of romance novels to pass the long hours at night. Somehow a story leaped into my head and the next thing I knew I was typing it out. As far as my life goes, although I’ve lived on a farm in Idaho for the past twenty years I’ve had a pretty diverse existence. Don’t get me wrong, chasing down a steer who’s busted through three layers of fencing can be really . . . not fun, but probably the craziest experiences I’ve had came from my years working as a recording engineer in a Hollywood studio. Nothing I can repeat here but I realized pretty quick that the fast life of rock and roll really wasn’t my style. I’m much happier now hanging out with my family, camping in our trailer in the forest, fishing, and ATVing. Oh, and I still read a ton!

TBQ: Oh wow -- sounds like you've had some great experiences! :) I think all your fans are glad that you left Hollywood and started writing. 

Your newest release, Something Sweeter,  is the third book in the series and it came out in late June (congrats!). Can you tell us a little bit about this book, and why readers are going to love it?

C: I’d just finished writing two books that were really tough to write. Reno Wilder in Anything But Sweet broke my heart. And Jackson Wilder in Sweetest Mistake drove me absolutely crazy with his stubbornness. I’d already met Jesse through both of these books and he was a sexy breath of fresh air. So I knew he was going to be fun. He didn’t disappoint. In the opening scene there are five-alarm sexual tension fireworks going on between Jesse and Allison. Then she ditches him and the next day he finds out who she really is. Watching the sometimes hysterical situations these two get into while Jesse does his best to prove to Allison that a happily ever after is possible, entertained the heck out of me. Their banter is fast and wicked. And when they finally get together . . . yeah, it’s hot!

TBQ: *nods* Why yes, yes it is! ;) I so love the Wilder brothers . . . *happy sigh*

Why do Jesse and Allison belong together?

C: Well, in my mind, who wouldn’t want Jesse? He’s extremely hot! But to answer your question, on the surface, Jesse and Allison appear to be complete opposites. But deep inside they really want the same thing. Their only setback is that Allison is petrified to believe that true love exists and can last a lifetime. Jesse–sexy genius that he is–might have a little trouble getting Allison to see things his way, but he’s also into her enough to keep trying. His determination proves to Allison that he’s the kind of man who would definitely stick by her side through thick and thin.

TBQ: I want Jesse! And I loved that he took the time to show Allison HEAs exist.

When writing each novel, do you listen to certain songs, like a playlist for the story? If so, what was the playlist like for Something Sweeter?

C: Music is a huge part of all my stories–even going back to my Sugar Shack series. Oddly, I can’t actually listen to the music while I write. But as I write specific scenes I can hear the tunes in my head and they always are relative to what’s going on in the scene. For instance, in the opening scene of Something Sweeter, Allison and Jesse are at Seven Devils Saloon and in the background, Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene is playing. It’s a pretty good indication of what’s going on in the scene. I also put all the songs up on Spotify if readers want to take a listen.

Here’s the Playlist for Something Sweeter:

Kerosene by Miranda Lambert
Who Are You When I’m Not Looking by Blake Shelton
Good Little Girls by Blue County
Chicks Dig It by Chris Cagle
Kissed You Goodnight by Gloriana
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding
Boys ‘Round Here by Blake Shelton
Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
Beer Money by Kip Moore
Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore
Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
Hot in Herre by Nelly

TBQ: Oh, I love the mix of songs, they totally fit the story, now that I think about it. 

In 5 words or less, describe Allison for us. And let's not forget Jesse—what's he like?

C: Allison is sassy, smart, pessimistic, wishful, loyal.
Jesse is sexy, generous, noble, thoughtful, kind.

TBQ: *nods* That is exactly why I fell for Jesse! 

Do you have a favorite part from Something Sweeter?

C: I do! It has a little something to do with a visit Jesse and Allison pay to Gladys and Arlene, Sweet’s eighty-year-old cougars who have the hots for Jesse. I giggled all the way through writing the scene.

TBQ: Hehe -- I know the scene you are talking about and that was very fun to read! :)

I grew up, and still live, in a small town. I love it, and while I visit the city for big shopping trips and visiting family, city life is just not for me. So it goes without saying that I have a weakness for small-town romances. Why do you think readers love it so much – or why do YOU love it?

C: I grew up in Los Angeles, so a big city. However, the town I grew up in was small and everyone knew everyone. I remember how our neighborhood worked and how they’d pull together when a need arose. I think readers like small town romances because the stories give them a sense of the one they grew up in, or it gives that Andy of Mayberry feel when things were a lot more simple and slower. At least that’s why I love writing them. My books are always about more than just the romance. They’re about family and community too. Because I feel that plays a huge part of what makes people who they are and what they become. To me it gives a more rounded view of the world in which the story takes place.

TBQ: I think you are right about that! 

Sweet, Texas, like many small towns, has a few colorful characters. Do you have a favorite character from the town?

C: I’d have a hard time choosing between eighty-year-old cowboy Casanova Chester Banks and Gladys Lewis and Arlene Potter. I never know what those characters are going to do or say. They constantly surprise me and always make me laugh. But don’t tell Miss Giddy, she’s pretty special too.

TBQ: Sssh, your secret is safe with me! 

And while we are talking about Sweet, is there a business/landmark/house unique to the town that you wish was real so you could visit?

C: Oh yeah. Bud’s Nothing Finer Diner. I’d give anything to taste a real Diablo burger!

TBQ: Oooh, I couldn't handle the Diablo, but I'd still love to visit the diner! 

I know we all hate this question, author and reader alike. :) But I have to ask anyway: What are a few of your favorite books and/or authors?

C: Actually, I don’t hate it at all. Like I said, I’m an avid reader and I too have authors on an auto buy list. Of course, it would be impossible to name them all so I’ll just hit on a few. Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor series), Coreene Callahan (Dragonfury series), Rachel Gibson, Kristan Higgins, J.R. Ward, Janet Evanovich. The list goes on and on.

TBQ: All great authors -- and yeah, those lists, they're never ending, aren't they? 

We've all fallen for a hero (or two, or three, or....ahem).  Tell us one hero that you've fallen for—who is he and what drew you to him?

C: Aside from the heroes in my own books, there are two heroes who always give me chills (in a good way). I’ve read their books so many times the pages are falling apart. Bobby Tom Denton from Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Heaven, Texas and Nick Allegrezza from Rachel Gibson’s Truly Madly Yours. Both of these heroes were larger than life, true alpha males, cocky, and yet sensitive. Watching them being brought to their knees by their heroines was beyond satisfying.

TBQ: I've never read those books, but they're going on my list now! :)

What's next-- Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming releases or WIP?

C: You bet. I have a Sweet, Texas Christmas novella coming out in December called Sweet Cowboy Christmas which features Madison Avenue advertising exec, Chase Morgan (cousin of Abby Morgan from Sweetest Mistake) and Magic Box Ranch owner, Faith Walker (sister of Paige Walker from Home Sweet Home in the For Love and Honor anthology). After that will be Sweet Surprise, the love story of Fiona Wilder and hunky fireman Mike Halsey which will be released February 2015. [I'm so glad to hear that there's more Sweet to come!]


A day on a secluded island OR a day at the spa? 
Secluded island.

Reading a spicy romance novel OR a sweet “my-heart-skips-a-beat” one? 

Which would you rather have an affair with: a sexy highlander OR a devilishly handsome English lord? 
I’m a Scots so show me the kilt!

Hot summer days OR cold winter nights? 
Cold winter nights.

Where would your dream house be: in the city, where all the action is OR nestled in the mountain where you can enjoy the quiet and the wilderness? 
Done the big city, show me a mountain view any day.

If you could live in any time period, past or future, which one would it be?
I’m pretty happy where I am right now.

Cover Lover OR Blurb Fan? 

Steamy Novella OR Sweet Novel? (aka, Quickie or Slow Build Up?) 
I like a slow build up.

Quick—name the one food that you cannot live without? 
One??? Pizza. No. Wait. Ice Cream! [Hehe -- Pizza Ice Cream, perhaps? *pause* No, that's just WRONG! Alright you can pick both. :D]

And finally, tell us 3 unique/wacky/fun things about yourself: 

While I write my romances I always have either Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, or The First 48 on the TV in the background. 

I talk to everything . . . plants, bugs, my dogs, even rocks if I’m gardening. And no, I don’t expect them to talk back. 

I have a crazy obsession for garden stuff. You know, those dragonfly solar lights that change color, gnomes, birdhouses, cute little signs that say stuff like Garden of Weedin’. Please don’t tell anyone this, because as I write it down I look kind of . . . crazy. J

TheBookQueen: Pfft, you are soo not crazy! And even if you were, don't worry -- you'r not alone! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, Candis, and please know that you are welcome back anytime! Do you have any questions for our readers—something to spark a good discussion? :)

Candis: Thank you so much for having me here today. It’s been fun!

I do have a question for the readers. Actually two. What do you like best about reading romance? And what bothers you the most?

Something Sweeter by Candis Terry
Publisher: Avon (June 24, 2014)
Series: Sweet, Texas #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The men in Texas are hard to resist . . .

Seattle event planner Allison Lane is an expert at delivering the perfect wedding—even if she might not exactly believe in the whole "'til death do us part" thing. When her father decides to tie the knot with a woman he barely knows, Allison heads to Sweet, Texas, to make sure his new honey is the real deal. What she didn't expect to find at the local honky-tonk was a sexy Southern man as bent on charming her pants off as he is on blowing her "true love doesn't exist" theory all to hell.

And they always promise . . .

Veterinarian, former Marine, and Sweet's favorite playboy Jesse Wilder takes one look at Allison and knows she's a handful of trouble he can't deny. But even after a sizzling kiss and obvious mutual attraction, it seems Allison has no such problem. When Jesse uncovers her sweet side, can he crush his playboy image, melt her cynical heart, and change her mind about taking a trip down the aisle?

Something sweeter

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Thanks for stopping by today, Candis! :) I very much enjoyed our interview, duplicate questions and all (totally my fault, sorry again!). I can't wait for the next Sweet release!

Don't forget Candis' question: 

I do have a question for the readers. Actually two. What do you like best about reading romance? And what bothers you the most?


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