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[Kame's Review]: "Knock Out"

Knock Out by Mallery Malone
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (July 1, 2014)
Series: Billionaire's Club: New Orleans, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

He is all about pleasure. His. His woman’s. Incredible, unrelenting, mind-blowing pleasure.

Heavy weight champion, Sebastian Delacroix knows how to handle pain.

But when he has a woman beneath him, in his bed, her softness in his hands, it’s all about hot, unforgettable satisfaction and all the ways he can take it and give it.

No one walks away from him…Except one woman: Renata Giordano. And now she’s back. Strong, sexy, irresistible Renata.

This time, she will not escape.

Sebastian is coming for her and he’ll fight as dirty as he has to.

She will be his.

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Kame's Review:

Sebastian has moved his company headquarters back home and he is intent on making amends for a decision he made five years ago. He never should have walked away from Renata and he will do anything to find her again and try to make a life with her. Imagine his surprise when he is working out at the gym with his old trainer and Renata walks in.

Out of the two main characters I enjoyed Sebastian the most as he seemed the most developed. He comes from a challenging background but seems to have found a role model that showed him how to be a great boxer and a great man. Sebastian is not the most alpha male character I have ever read and since he is a boxer I guess I expected a few more rough edges. Renata's character was what I expected from a female boxer. Her past seems to have left her with little self confidence; and it is that past that seemed the least developed. Mallery Malone seemed to miss something with Renata for me - she was believable as a boxer but not as believable as a sexy woman for me - yes Renata "spoke" of her attraction to Sebastian but most of the time it was about their past and why they shouldn't have a future.

It is this unresolved past that made the romantic element of this book lacking for me. I felt the lust but I really didn't feel the past love rekindling or much of spark of passion. Yes they got back together but it seemed more out of convenience than lust or love. The plot was simple and easy to follow; after a period of time where I was reading a bunch of romantic suspense it was a nice change. This might be a good beach read for some as total concentration is not necessary and it is rather short so a few days at the beach may be enough to finish.

Even though this seems to be the first book in a series the way it starts out left me with a feeling that I should have read another book first to completely understand the story. That feeling is soon lifted but it did lead to some confusion early on. This book is part of a series but does function as a stand alone - there is not a cliffhanger ending. I do have a copy of the second book and I have started


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Kame received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) I remember seeing the covers for this series, and I think most of them made it into the L4C posts, too -- for good reason!

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