Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lusting for Covers (193)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

The Arrow by Monica McCarty
Publisher: Ballantine Books (August 26, 2014)
Series: Highland Guard, 9
Genre: Historical Romance

As King Robert the Bruce of Scotland plots to retake his English occupied castles, he needs the stealth and skill of his elite soldiers, the Highland Guard. Fearless and indomitable, no men are more loyal to their king, or cherished by the women they love.

The talents of legendary marksman Gregor “Arrow” MacGregor are crucial now, as Bruce moves to reclaim his Scottish holdings. Gregor is considered the most handsome man in Scotland, and his fame as an archer is rivaled only by his reputation with the lasses as a heartbreaker. But when his infamous face is exposed during a covert mission, Gregor is forced to lay low. He returns home only to find a new battle waiting: a daring game of seduction involving his now very grown up and very desirable ward, Cate of Lochmaben.

A born fighter, Cate was clinging to life when Gregor rescued her after a vicious English raid on her village left her mother dead. But five years later, the once scrappy orphan Gregor took under his protection has become a woman. Brave, strong, and skilled in warfare, Cate is determined to lay claim to the warrior who refuses to be trapped. The heat in his eyes tells her she has his attention . . . and his desire. But will Gregor allow his heart to surrender before danger finds them, and the truth of Cate’s identity is revealed?

Where to Buy*:
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More Info:

Reviews of McCarty's Previous Books:

The Saint (#5) -- TBQ
The Hunter (#7) -- TBQ


Arms. Hint of abs. That is all. :)

I so love McCarty's Highlanders, though I admit that I am very much behind on both of her series. *sigh* Highly recommend, though, and her covers are ALWAYS worthy of L4C!

Kame's Pick

Fireside Series by Morgan Black
Publication Date: July 2014
Series: Fireside, 1-3
Genre: Contemporary Erotica

A serial Erotic Romance Bundle: 

Sometimes scars are on the surface, but sometimes what lies beneath is far more treacherous. 

Cheyenne is beautiful, successful, and filthy rich. But hidden below her impeccable facade lies a broken girl who feels like love is just another business transaction. After she marries Collin, another wealthy ranch owner, she'll have done her part to keep the family business alive. But when she meets Luke she realizes that her heart can't be bought.

Cheyenne and Luke become stranded in a cabin in the woods and when a blizzard threatens to bury them they must fight for their lives. If only they realized once rescued they'd have to keep fighting.

Where to Buy*:h
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Kame: Ummmm – Wow and the plot is up my alley – cowboys!

TBQ: Yum, indeed!

*NOTE* Kame reviewed this book just last month, and gave it 3 1/2 stars. Read her full review HERE!

Pat's Pick

Chasing Air by DeLaine Roberts
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 15, 2013)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Accidentally marrying into the mob, Dr. Judith Bellonte Donati staged her death with the help of the FBI before the hired hit-man could finish the job. 

With a new name as Dr. Makenzie Holder and a new life, she struggles daily with the loss of connection with her family and the constant lurking of old ghosts from her past.

Gorgeous millionaire developer, Jonathan Bain offers her everything she wants in the way family, but his demanding demeanor is a reminder of the life she left behind. 
Can Makenzie overlook her jaded past and give Jonathan a chance at redemption or will a chance encounter in the ER with Detective Ryler Buchanan bring about the love for a lifetime?

Chasing Air: A hot romance with a side of turbulence!

Where to Buy*:h
More Info:


Pat: Here is a cover I have loved for a while. The story is great too. There is something about the dress, and the whimsical look on her face....

TBQ: Great choice, Pat! I agree, the dress and the expression on her face is perfect!

*NOTE*: Both Kame and Pat reviewed this book last year. Read their reviews HERE! 

What cover are you currently lusting for? Tell me, I want to know! Follow the directions above on how to post your own Lusting for Covers, and leave a comment telling me what you think of the covers for The Arrow, The Fireside Series, and Chasing Air?


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Melody May said...

Love the ab-a-licious covers and Pat's cover is pretty. Well, I went with something fun and pretty.

Anna@herding cats&burning soup said...

Oh very lustable (and in Pat's case pretteh). Monica's are on my list for one day.

The_Book_Queen said...

:) Ab-a-licious covers are some of the best, aren't they?

The_Book_Queen said...

Her books are great -- I loved The Saint, so so much. I've been thinking about trying her other books in audio so I can listen during workouts and walks, but I keep putting it off.

Lover Of Romance said...

I love McCarty's covers!!! They are the best! And stories to match too. And you know how I adore sexy highlanders, but this series is by far one of my favorites to read and re read!!

The_Book_Queen said...

Yes, she does have quiet a talent, doesn't she? I'm very curious to see if the audio format of her books are good. I may try it in the next few weeks.

Sophia Rose said...

I love McCarty's covers too. That second one has sizzle. And oh yes, the lady does have an expression. I like the sound of that story.

Red Iza said...

*Removes The arrow from her Lusting for covers folder* lol ! Chasing air's cover is lovely but I admit my weakness for Kame's pick, holy moly !