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Norah Wilson is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Together with Heather Doherty, she also writes the laugh-out-loud Dix Dodd cozy mysteries and fast-paced, spooky YA paranormal. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her husband, two adult children, her beloved Rotti-Shepherd mix Chloe and tuxedo cat Ruckus. Norah has had three of her romantic suspense stories final in the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest until she sold her first story in 2004. She was also the winner of Dorchester Publishing’s New Voice in Romance contest in 2003.

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Last Hero Standing by Norah Wilson, et al
Publisher: Silver Hawk Press (October 28, 2014)
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Authors donate to anthology to raise money for colleague stricken with breast cancer Eleven authors have donated their work to a box set of novellas to raise money for the medical expenses of a colleague stricken with breast cancer. The LAST HERO STANDING box set, which is set to release on Oct. 28, features 11 novels and novellas for only 99 cents, including a bonus short story from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love. All the proceeds from sales of the box set will go toward the medical expenses of USA Today bestselling author Pamela Clare, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past April and has been unable to work since then.  

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Enjoy 11 emotional stories - 2000 pages filled with all types of heroes from small town to international action-adventure who earn and protect those they love. Over 360 reviews with a 4.5 star rating!!!

PLEASE NOTE: This box set will be available for ONE MONTH ONLY, and all proceeds go directly to the medical fund for box set author Pamela Clare, who is in the midst of her own battle with breast cancer. Everyone who touched this project donated their time and stories. Please help us help her by treating yourself and your friends to a box set full of great stories!

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Nightfall by Norah Wilson

I’m sorry to get all heavy-handed on you, but these creatures … Sam, they’re utterly pitiless. They would drain your body and toss you aside as easily as you might eat an apple and discard the core.”

She seemed to shrink deeper into her seat, and he felt a brief pang for frightening her. But dammit, she should be scared. He hadn’t exaggerated. If anything, he’d understated the danger. Some of these rogues would do much worse than just drain her. But in the end, they would snuff out her life without a thought for who she was, for her talent, for the terrible beauty she captured in her photos. They wouldn’t waste a moment wondering who would grieve for her when—

He caught himself and pulled back. Not good. All this emotion … dammit, he just couldn’t afford it. Better to stay on the surface.

I don’t suppose you’d reconsider staying at the motel while I check out the situation?” He turned toward her to find her watching him with an unnerving intensity.

You know I can’t,” she said. “If I do as you ask, I’ll never take another decent night shot. It’s my livelihood, Aiden. It’s what I do. All I want to do.”

He sighed. “I know.” Then, because he needed to lighten things up, he said, “We’ve got another hour or more of air time and no in-flight movie. How about we make out?”

She laughed, the sound spontaneous, real and inordinately pleasing to his ear.

He grinned back, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Aw, come on. You know you wanna. And it would be the most amazing sex of your life.”

Still laughing, she said, “No ego there.”

Baby, that’s not ego talking. That’s the plain, unvarnished truth.” Her face had sobered, and he held her gaze. “You know what they say: once bitten, twice as high.”

She snorted. “Aiden, nobody says that.”

Of course not. That’s the first rule of Bite Club.”

You’re incorrigible, you know that?”

I try.”

Not that it took much effort. This was what he was good at. Skating across the surface of things. Laughing and making others laugh. Taking and giving pleasure. And ultimately, moving on to another tomorrow, trying not to notice how much it looked like yesterday and the day before.

There!” she said. “What are you thinking about just now?”

He blinked. Dammit, he kept forgetting how perceptive she was. He had to be more careful. “I was thinking you’re not really taking me seriously.” He let his eyes heat, watched her skin color delicately as his gaze glide over her like a caress. “I was playing it for laughs just then, but it really would be incredible. Sexual bliss beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, beyond anything that’s possible with a non-vampire partner.”

That,” she said, “was a very good re-direct.”

He grinned. “It was, wasn’t it?” Despite her words, he could tell she was affected. Hell, he could hear the bump her heart had taken, sense the surge of blood to intimate parts… “Nevertheless, it’s still true. And what’s more, it’s the safest sex around. No possibility of STDs, in either direction. No possibility of pregnancy.”

Omigod.” The word emerged weakly.

He laughed. “Ah, Sam, I can see the curiosity in you. You always want to know about everything. I can hear the hows? and the whys? buzzing around in your head right now. That’s why you let me in in the first place. You needed to know what I was, what I did. And sooner or later, you’ll need to know the other.”

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