Friday, December 19, 2014

[Blog Tour Spotlight]: "The Last Cowboy in Texas" + Giveaway!


Katie Lane is the USA Today bestselling author of the Deep in the Heart of Texas and Hunk for the Holiday series.  Katie lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and when she isn't writing, enjoys reading, going to the gym, golfing, traveling, or just snuggling next to her high school sweetheart and cairn terrier Roo.

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The Last Cowboy in Texas by Katie Lane
Publisher: Forever (December 16, 2014)
Series: Deep in the Heart of Texas, 7
Genre: Contemporary Romance

No Sad Songs Here, Darlin'

Country music princess Starlet Brubaker has a sweet tooth for moon pies and cowboys: both are yummy-and you can never have just one. Now Beckett Cates may not be a cowboy, but he certainly has the heart, soul-and body-to whet her appetite. He's a sexy ex-Marine with a touch hotter than the scorching Texas sun and arms strong enough to catch her when she lands into trouble.

Playing bodyguard to America's sweetheart isn't easy for Beckett. But falling for her sure is. Unfortunately, Starlet has a reputation for keeping a guy or two wrapped around her finger and Beckett refuses to be anybody's backup. So now it's up to Starlet to prove that she's put her cowboy-crazy days behind her. Otherwise, she'll be singing solo instead of living in harmony with the man who's loved her even before her fame and fortune.

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The Last Cowboy in Texas by Katie Lane

With her head tucked under his chin, Beckett could feel Starlet take an uneven breath and release it before lifting her head and smiling brightly for the cameras.
“I’m glad y’all are so concerned,” she said.  “But as you can see, I’m just fine and dandy.  Thanks to the heroics of this Marine.”
That prompted a flood of questions and pictures, but it was Kari Jennings who raised her voice loud enough to be heard over the din.
“Why don’t you give your hero a thank you kiss, Star?”
The photographers catcalled their agreement.  Before Beckett could dissuade her from the notion, Starlet’s arms tightened around his neck, and he was pulled toward a pair of lips with a tiny mole at the corner that he remembered all too well.  The soft, full lips had barely brushed his when her eyes flashed open, and he found himself staring into a startled pair of green contacts.
The one word that slipped out of her mouth was the one word that Beckett had hoped he would never hear again. 

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Have you read Katie Lane? This looks like a great series to try. Who can resist sexy cowboys? :)


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Sophia Rose said...

This sounds good. I haven't tried her books yet, but I got this one for review. Liked the excerpt!

The_Book_Queen said...

I look forward to your review, Sophia! I'm very tempted by the cover alone. ;)

Sophia Rose said...

Oh yeah, her cowboy series all have hot covers. I look forward to reading it.

Sharlene Wegner said...

I am a fan! Love the cover & I am looking forward to reading this!