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[Pat's Review]: "Operation Proof of Life"

Operation Proof of Life by Misty Evans
Publisher: Beach Path Publishing, LLC (November 12, 2014)
Series: Super Agent, 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense

*Note: Originally published in 2010. Rereleased with bonus content and new cover!*

He’ll sacrifice everything to be her savior, but will she be his downfall? 

CIA Deputy Director Michael Stone is a decisive force in the war on terror. After surviving a harrowing terrorist attack that nearly killed him, he has also become an overwhelming force, putting nothing above his job in order to keep his country safe. 

When his niece, the daughter of the Republican candidate for President, is kidnapped just days from the election, Michael vows to do whatever it takes to get her back safely and bring the kidnapper to justice. 

Dr. Brigit Kent, a consultant for Homeland Security, knows the kidnapper well. Exposing him, however, will also expose her sister’s secret ties to a terrorist group. The only way to keep her sister safe is to cut a deal with the sexy and rock-solid deputy director, but blackmailing him can only lead to political and professional suicide. 

With the clock ticking on his niece’s life, Michael has no choice but to accept Brigit’s offer. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and cunning, but is she friend or foe? The answer could break his personal code of honor—and his heart.

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Pat's Review:

This novel is filed with political intrigue, alphabet agencies, spies, counter spies, plus the kidnapping of the daughter of the man running for president.  There is romance, and it is hot, but the progress is slow, how do they know who can be trusted?

Michael Stone is the Deputy Director of the CIA. He recently survived a hostage takeover with a bullet in his chest and lots of holes in his walls. Barely back to work, his niece Ella, child of his sister Ruth and her husband Thad presidential candidate is kidnapped. Michael heads immediately to his sister and encounters a woman at the house who rings some alarms in his head.  Very attractive, slight British accent, an acquaintance of Ruth's offering support. Her name is Dr. Brigit Kent and holds credentials for Homeland Security.  Something makes him feel very suspicious.

Dr. Kent, a psychologist specializing in children and an excellent profiler is working for Homeland Security on loan from British Intelligence. She had a life in Ireland she tries very hard to forget and a sister who works for the IRA, a secret she is trying very hard to keep. Being thrown together with Michael Stone is fascinating and frightening and she finds him devastatingly handsome.

This story twists and turns and makes believing who the good guys are nearly impossible. The action gets your heart racing and having lived for many years in the D.C. area the locations are fascinating. Characters from Ms. Evans previous novels appear, and fit very smoothly into the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this action suspense novel, and look forward to reading more of Ms. Evans work.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author, via the tour host, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) 

Have you read Misty Evans before? Do you have a favorite?


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