Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Deals (39)

I'm doing it a bit different with this post, since I put it together last minute. Just Amazon links and titles, nothing else. Sorry! 

Next time, I'll do the full info and covers. For now, happy shopping!

✦ ✦ ✦ #Ebook #Deals ✦ ✦ ✦

★ COME AWAY WITH ME by Ruth Cardello (Contemporary) ➜
☆ FEELS LIKE HOME by Evelyn Adams (Contemporary) ➜
★ DANCE FOR ME by Helena Newbury (NA Contemporary) ➜
☆ HOT INK by Ranae Rose (Contemporary) ➜ [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]
★ THE DUCHESS WAR by Courtney Milan (Historical) ➜
☆ DOUGLAS by Grace Burrowes (Historical) ➜
★ THE CRAVING by Donna Grant (Historical) ➜
☆ FIVE DATES by Amy Jo Cousins (M/M Contemporary) ➜ [RECOMMENDED!]

★ PLAY WITH ME by Lisa Renee Jones (Contemporary) ➜
☆ WATCHING OVER THE WATCHER by Simone Beaudelaire (Paranormal) ➜
★ THE COLOR OF HEAVEN BOXED SET by Julianne MacLean (Contemporary) ➜
☆ THE VIXEN AND THE VET by Katy Regnery (Contemporary) ➜ [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!]
★ PLAYING FOR LOVE AT DEEP HAVEN by Katy Regnery (Contemporary) ➜
☆ FULL CONTACTt by Sidney Halston (Contemporary -- Sports) ➜ [RECOMMENDED!]
★ CAGED WOLF by SM Reine (Paranormal) ➜
☆ UNAFRAID by Melody Grace (Contemporary) ➜
★ CRESCENT MOON by Lori Handeland (Paranormal) ➜
☆ FOR LOVE OR LEGACY by Ruth Cardello (Contemporary) ➜
★ SWEET DREAMS by Kristen Ashley (Contemporary) ➜

☆ RISK AND REWAWRD by Alisha Rai (Contemporary Erotica) ➜
★ PLAY WITH ME by Alisha Rai (Contemporary Erotica) ➜
☆ BET ON ME by Alisha Rai (Contemporary Erotica) ➜

Have I missed any other great deals going on right now?


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Sophia Rose said...

Ah man, you found some good ones so I just had to get three- had to. ;)

The_Book_Queen said...

:) When it comes to one-clicks, we have no control over ourselves.