Friday, February 13, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In

A new year, new goals. And this year I'm participating in FitReaders to help get in shape. 

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About. Interested in joining? Find out more HERE

February 6th - 12th:

  • Saturday -- 1 dog walk, plus walking while shopping/doing errands (lowest step day)
  • Fri, Mon, Tues, Thurs -- Two dog walks each day, hit my 10K steps minimum
  • Sun  and Wed -- Two dogs walks, plus one walk with my neighbor, for 12-13 K steps total
  • Sunday and Wed -- Crunches, squats and jumping jacks (10 each per day). This next week I will increase to 15 each and do it every day.

  • Total steps for the week: 80,530
  • Total miles for the week: 35.63
  • Weight: -0.6 pound

If you use FitBit, you can find me HERE. Let's make 2015 our year to get fit! :)


Until Next Time,


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Sharon's Book Nook! said...

Great exercising this week! You're doing well.

Jen Twimom said...

Wow! great work. Walking with the dogs clearly helps the step count. I like how you are making small increments to your workout each week!

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks, Sharon! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

They really - without them, I'd be struggling with my steps, that's for sure! :)

Blodeuedd said...

80, so good!

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend

Kathy_MyNookbksnmore said...

Wow! Great job this week! That is a lot of steps and it's great that you and your dog are benefiting from the exercise. I hope you have a nice week!

The_Book_Queen said...

I'm so surprised by how fast the steps add up! :) Thanks, Kathy, I hope you have a good week, too.