Friday, May 22, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In


A new year, new goals. And this year I'm participating in FitReaders to help get in shape. 

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About. Interested in joining? Find out more HERE

May 15th - 21st:

  • Friday -- Two walks. 11,724 Steps | 5.19 Miles
  • Saturday -- One walk. 7,407 teps | 3.28 Miles
  • Sunday --  Two walks. 28 minutes of Daily Burn. 11,820 Steps | 5.23 Miles
  • Monday --  Two walks. 20 minutes of Daily Burn. 11,361 Steps | 5.03 Miles
  • Tuesday -- Two walks. 25 minutes of Daily Burn. 11,927 Steps | 5.28 Miles
  • Wednesday -- Two walks. 28 minutes of Daily Burn. 11,971 Steps | 5.30 Miles
  • Thursday -- Two walks. 20 minutes of Daily Burn. 10,997 Steps | 4.87 Miles [Rain cut my 2nd walk short.]

I decided this past week to try Daily Burn

Currently I'm doing the 30 Day free trial, but if it works for me, I may stick with it, (After that it's $12.99 a month, I believe, and all things considered, that's a pretty good deal.) 

So far I've been sticking to my routine of doing it in the morning after the first walk, and while I'm sore from the workout, it's a good sore. The videos are easy to follow, but allow you to also work at your own pace as needed. Has anyone else used this site before? 

  • Total steps for the week: 77,207 Steps
  • Total miles for the week: 34.18 Miles
  • Total DB minutes for the week: 121 Minutes

If you use FitBit, you can find me HERE. Let's make 2015 our year to get fit! :)


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Jen Twimom said...

Sounds great! I think that Melanie S. uses that site as well. Glad you found something new!

Danielle Kincaid said...

I haven't used the site yet, but once BFE gets something other than Verizon Data I might consider it. Way to go chickie!!!

Nise' said...

I have not heard of the Daily Burn. Great week of exercise.