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[Pat's Review]: "Return to Me"

Return to Me by Kelly Moran
Publisher: Berkley (March 3, 2015)
Series: Covington Cove, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

With every beat of the heart comes a memory of what could have been…

Ten years ago, Cole Covington was just another rich kid who got everything he wanted—including young and trusting Mia Galdon. Then one night everything changed, and two hearts were shattered. Cole buried his guilt in the military, where love was just part of the past. Now Cole has come back home, emotionally damaged, guarded, and unprepared for what’s waiting for him…

At the urging of Cole’s sister, Mia has returned to the Covington family’s coastal home in Wilmington as a private nurse to help Cole recover. With her uncertain personal life at a crossroad, Mia doesn’t have the luxury of saying no to the job. And she soon finds out that the attraction is still alive. So are memories of betrayal. But Mia will discover more than the power of resilience. She’ll discover a secret Cole has held for years, one that will force them to confront the past and give new meaning to letting go, forgiveness, and a future worth fighting for.

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Pat's Review:

This novel starts by wreaking havoc on your emotions from page one. The story alternates between the present and summers in Wilmington, North Carolina some ten years ago. A boy and a girl flirting and falling in love over summer vacations; they were all wrong for each other, the poor maid's daughter, and the son of rich parents, with his Dad seeking political office. Outside influences work to tear them apart and are successful, but they meet again as adults

Mia Galdon is a teenager that lives for summers. Her mother is a maid in the Covington Mansion, and she spends vacations helping her alcoholic Mom and taking care of her little sister, Ginny, who was born with Downs Syndrome. The Covington children enjoy her being around and often invite her to activities. But, she always feels out of place and uncomfortable, except with Cole Covington. Each summer as they get older, Mia and Cole are more attracted to each other. Cole is a typical teenager, he has an older brother, who he looks up to and a younger sister he watches out for. Cole is falling in love with Mia and she with him. After an amazing night spent together, with promises made, their lives fall apart. Tragedy, rejection and heartbreak send Mia away.

In the present, Cole and Mia have not spoken in years. She has her RN and Ginny is in a good school and thriving. She is called by Lacey Covington with horrifying news. Cole has been severely injured in Iraq, and begs Mia's help. He has shut himself away, refusing medications, physical therapy, doesn't eat and never leaves his house.  What could Mia possibly do to help? She has never been able to forget him, how could she put herself through all that pain again. Lacey makes it impossible to refuse, so Mia agrees and hopes to finally put Cole out of her life.

This is the first in a new series, and I'm looking forward to book two.  I'm enjoying the Wilmington location, I live very close and love the beach.


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Pat bought this book.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! 

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Sophia Rose said...

This one grabbed my emotions too. I love second chance romances, but sometimes the pain of what separated them in the first place is tough.

Sharlene Wegner said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I have this on my list.