Friday, June 26, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In


A new year, new goals. And this year I'm participating in FitReaders to help get in shape. 

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About. Interested in joining? Find out more HERE

June 19th - 25th:

  • Friday --  Two walks.  23 minutes of Daily Burn.  12,325 Steps | 5.45 Miles
  • Saturday --  Two walks. 10,463 Steps | 4.63 Miles [Rest day]
  • Sunday --   Two walks. 27 minutes of Daily Burn.  13,915 Steps |  6.16 Miles [Including 1 1/2 hrs of yardwork]
  • Monday --   Two walks.  32 minutes of Daily Burn.  15,945 Steps | 7.05 Miles [Including 1 1/2 hrs of yardwork]
  • Tuesday -- Two walks.  23 minutes of Daily Burn.  13,194 Steps |  5.84 Miles
  • Wednesday -- Two walks.  27 minutes of Daily Burn.  13,704 Steps | 6.06 Miles
  • Thursday --  Two walks.  32 minutes of Daily Burn. 13,012 Steps | 5.76 Miles 

I'm now done with my free-trial of Dailyburn, and have started my paid membership. I'm going to keep it, I can feel that the workouts are helping me to get in shape. Currently doing Cardio kickboxing twice a week as part of the program and it's fun, a great way to get out my rage over something, and it's easy to follow once you're into the rhythm of the moves. 

  • Total steps for the week:  92,558 Steps
  • Total miles for the week: 40.95 Miles
  • Total DB minutes for the week: 164 Minutes

If you use FitBit, you can find me HERE. Let's make 2015 our year to get fit! :)


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Red Iza said...

Is it me or are you walking longer and longer ? Getting used to it and loving it, I guess, good for you ! And for the dogs ;) Kudos !

The_Book_Queen said...

Some weeks, though the walks are the same length, but I'm getting more steps in during the days I'm busy running around doing yard work or whatnot. :)