Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lusting for Covers (234)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

Officer on Duty by Ranae Rose
Publication Date: August 14th 2015
Series: Lock and Key, 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Life is tough but Sergeant Jeremy Connor is tougher. Riley County, North Carolina is recovering from a year of hell when devastation strikes again, and the Sheriff’s Department is working the frontlines. On top of keeping the community safe, there’s Jeremy’s greatest responsibility: raising his daughter. Alone.

Seeing local women turn up dead is enough to shake any father, even a veteran sheriff’s deputy. After years of loneliness, the timing couldn’t be worse to let another woman into his life. But he’d have better luck resisting gravity than resisting Lucia Ramirez, the first to prove there’s still a heart beneath his bullet proof vest.

For the first time in over a decade, serving and protecting isn’t enough to satisfy him anymore. But someone to love means someone to lose…

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Kame's Pick:

Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose
Publisher: Loveswept (September 22, 2015)
Series: The Boys of Summer, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The Boys of Summer are back! In Katie Rose’s sweet, sparkling novel, the newest New Jersey Sonic falls for the woman who’s trying desperately to save his career.

Physical therapist Jessica Hart has learned her lesson: Never date professional athletes. She’s been down that road, and barely recovered after the relationship crashed and burned. Then Jessica meets Gavin King. An All-Star slugger with chiseled good looks, Gavin was traded to the Sonics because he hurt his knee sliding into second, and now his future is in her hands. Gavin’s no bad boy—but he’s tempting enough to make Jessica think twice about all her rules.

Gavin is trying to find a comfortable routine. If he wants his old life back, he must take it easy, stay out of the limelight, and keep his distance from gorgeous redheaded physical therapists. The thing is, Gavin isn’t the kind of guy to sit on his ass and let other people pull his weight. And when he sees something he wants, he can’t help but fight for it, even if it means risking everything, even if it only lasts a single moment: like one kiss from Jessica.

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Pat's Pick:

Smolder by Deborah Grace Staley
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (May 15, 2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Old flames burn the longest. 

Bar owner Jack McTeer has never managed to get over his high school sweetheart, Sara Vance. Ten years ago, she broke his heart. Yet, every time she crooks her finger, he comes back for more. Because 'more' with Sara is mind-blowing! It's not a great set-up, but Jack can live with the way things are. Until one wild night changes everything . . . 

For Sara, Solomon's Island is a place of regrets--and loss. So, when she returns home for her sister's wedding, her plan is to leave as soon as possible. Only family responsibilities make that impossible. She has to stay, at least for a while. But once Jack figures out her little secret, there'll be no getting out . . .

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Pat: Beach, hot guy......

TBQ: Works for me! 

What cover are you currently lusting for? Tell me, I want to know! Follow the directions above on how to post your own Lusting for Covers, and leave a comment telling me what you think of the covers for Officer on Duty, Heat of the Moment and Smolder?

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Melody May said...

Ab-tastic picks today. LOL

The_Book_Queen said...

Well, we do love us some abs . . . :D

Lover Of Romance said...

all fantastic choices...and who doesn't love abs right? I do love sport themed romances, so i am definitely going to have to try Heat of the Moment. They are sound like fun contemporaries to read though!! Hope you are enjoying your sunday.

The_Book_Queen said...

Abs are everything. :D

Yes, my day's going well. Hope yours is as well!

Deborah Grace Staley said...

Hey, thanks for including my cover. What a nice surprise :) --Deborah Grace Staley

Sophia Rose said...

those are all luscious. I'm intrigued by the blurbs on the cop and baseball player books.

The_Book_Queen said...

You're welcome, thanks for stopping by!

The_Book_Queen said...

It's always a plus when the blurb grabs you, not just the cover. :)

Red Iza said...

I see a pattern in those covers, but I'm not complaining, nope, not at all ^^

The_Book_Queen said...

Good. :) I'd be concerned if you did complain, I think...

Katiria Rodriguez said...

Awesome pick ladies I absolutely love all of them showing the abs it is pure yummy love it! :)

Jennifer_FairyTales said...

Three very sexy covers this week! Exactly what I needed today. I will have to check out the baseball romance now.

Red Iza said...

You bet, lol !

The_Book_Queen said...

Abs for the win this week. :D

The_Book_Queen said...

They're a lovely pick-me-up, aren't they? :)