Saturday, October 3, 2015

Whatcha Reading? (14)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and we will share our brief thoughts on books that we read during the previous week but will not be reviewing.

September 27th - October 3rd:


-- Born in Fire by Nora Roberts --

Comfort reread. 

What can I say? I love Maggie's fierceness, love her and Rogan together. I love Roberts' ability to bring this charming Irish village to life. I'll never grow tired of revisiting these books. 5 STARS

Favorite quote:

"We're tossed by the winds of fate. Once we end where they blow us, we make of ourselves that we will.” 

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-- Born in Ice by Nora Roberts --

Comfort reread. 

I feel such a connection to Brianna, always have. I so love her  book, seeing her and Gray fall for each other. I'd kill to visit Blackthorn Cottage and experience Brianna's cooking and care and the scenery all around. 5 STARS

Favorite quote:

"Fiction is just a lie anyway."

"But it's not - it's a different kind of truth - it would be your truth at the time of the writing, wouldn't it?” 

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Currently Listening To:

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Currently Reading:

Born In Shame by Nora Roberts

[Update: Finished this late Friday evening. 5 Stars as well!]

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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