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[Review]: "Three Nights Before Christmas"

Three Nights Before Christmas by Kat Latham
Publisher: Tule Publishing (October 25, 2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Have yourself a steamy little Christmas… 

After three years in prison, freight train engineer Lacey Gallagher doesn’t expect this Christmas to be very merry and bright. At least chopping down trees for her brother’s Christmas tree farm will help her save money to get her life back on track. All her plans derail, though, when her new job puts her in territory patrolled by the man who haunts her dreams—the forest ranger who sent her to prison. 

Austin Wilder isn’t thrilled about Lacey working in his forest—but he soon realizes he needs her help. His family is depending on him to restore an old steam train for a spectacular Christmas event, and train expert Lacey is his only hope of finishing in time. 

Working together challenges every assumption Lacey and Austin have about each other, and they discover a desire hot enough to melt even the deepest Montana snow. But will the season of second chances be enough to mend the most hardened broken heart?

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"What are you grinning about, sexy?" Austin teaser with a matching grin of his own.

"I was just thinking that tonight would be my perfect date."

"Really? You're not a wine and dancing kinda girl?"

"Nope. Sex and trains, and I'm all yours."

He flashed a dimpled smile at her. "Good to know. I can't say I've ever had a date that ended with me scrubbing mechanical grease off my dick, but I'm always open to new experiences."

If you're looking for a fun, and sexy, holiday romance with an interesting heroine and set up, look no further than Three Nights Before Christmas! Also, why haven't I read Latham before? I know I have one or two on my Kindle, unread, and I also know that Kame loves her books. After enjoying this one so much, you better believe I'm looking forward to reading her other novels, too.

She was a rusty old train, shunted aside and left to rot. She used to sparkle and shine. She used to go places, have a purpose. Now she was off her track and trying to find her way back.

Lacey made some mistakes and trusted the wrong guy, which lead to her being arrested and sentenced for a drug-bust three years ago. Out on parole and trying to get her life back together, she never expected to run into the very man who arrested her, let alone start to fall for him. Austin is just as thrown by the attraction burning between them, but as he gets to know her more, he starts to realize that perhaps she was telling him the truth three years ago. Could she be innocent, after all?

I loved this story. I loved that the set up was different. I loved all the fun quotes and scenes in it. So many, in fact, that my Kindle is full of highlights, only a fraction of which I shared on Twitter while reading, or here, in my review. I actually found myself smiling and snorting while reading, something that's rare for me. It had just the right steam-to-laughs ratio, with some mild angst in the form of Lacey trying to get her life back and her record cleared. The fact that it took place during the holidays only added to the charm of this book.

Oh, my God. Austin Wilder just made me scream like a banshee.

The thought should've been humiliating. Every aspect of the act should've made her feel sick with shame. He'd spun her around, bent her over, and essentially turned a frisk into a finger fuck.

But she'd loved every dirty second of it.

And she wanted more.

Once again, I'm only sorry that I've put off reading Latham until now. I'll be fixing that immediately. I highly recommend this charming and fun romance!

4 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Kat Latham; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and if you're looking for a great holiday romance, here it is! 

Have you read Kat Latham? Which of her books do you recommend I read next?

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