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[Pat's ARC Review]: "Reckless"

Reckless by Kimberly Kincaid
Publisher: Zebra (January 26, 2016)
Series: Rescue Squad, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Zoe Westin may be a fire captain’s daughter, but feeding the people in her hometown of Fairview is her number one priority. Running a soup kitchen is also the perfect way to prove to her dad that helping people doesn’t always mean risking life and limb. But when she's saddled with a gorgeous firefighter doing community service after yet another daredevil stunt, the kitchen has never been so hot.

Alex Donovan thrives on adrenaline, and stirring a pot of soup doesn’t exactly qualify. He’s not an expert at following the rules either, not even when they come from the stubborn, sexy daughter of the man who's not only his boss, but his mentor. Determined to show Zoe that not every risk ends in catastrophe, Alex challenges her both in the kitchen and out. One reckless step leads to another, but will falling for each other be a risk worth taking, or will it just get them burned?

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Pat's Review:

Alex Donavan has wanted only one thing in his be a firefighter. He is addicted to the job and the adrenaline rush he gets from it.  His nickname at the firehouse is "Teflon."  Trouble slides right off him. "Alex flew by the seat of his pants twenty-four/seven, taking unnecessary risks the way most people take Motrin." The risk he took at a warehouse fire and muscling Captain McManus out of his way was not sliding this time.  Captain Weston called him to the carpet and told him he had two choices, community service without pay or be fired. If he couldn't fight fires, he had no life, so four weeks of community service is his unhappy choice.

Zoe Weston is a chef trained in culinary school and a five star restaurant. It took a lot of hard work, but she didn't get the satisfaction she hoped for. She then moved home and became the director of Hope's House Kitchen. She provides healthy meals for the homeless. At  least she tries her best, lack of money and volunteers  has her hands tied. She is notified of a new recruit.....someone doing community service. Not her favorite, since most of the time they don't want to be there and do as little as possible. She walked into the eating area and finds him sleeping in a chair, she knows this isn't going in to go well. When she finds out who he is, and realizes he works for her Dad he has a few things stacked against him.

This novel is funny, exciting and sexy. Alex wants back to the firehouse, but soon feels a pull from Zoe. She is even teaching him to cook. Their relationship moves from friendly to a lot more in the course of four weeks. But, can Zoe survive the danger of Alex's job? Not to mention her fathers anger? PHer parents marriage didn't. Her father couldn't give the job up, and alienated his wife and daughter in the process.. Do Alex and Zoe even have a chance?

As always with Ms. Kincaid's novels I am looking forward to the next.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :)

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