Saturday, February 20, 2016

Whatcha Reading? (34)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and we will share our brief thoughts on books that we read during the previous week but will not be reviewing.

February 14th - 20th:


-- Burn For You by Marquita Valentine --

While I have really enjoyed Valentine's previous novels, this one didn't work for me as much. Just a few things I didn't care for:

~All the drama and angst over Beau's ex. I get that Paisley had a lot of issues, but she was such a pain, and I can't believe the bit that was thrown in at the very end. It felt like a desperate attempt to make us forgive her, or at least be okay with her. It didn't do either for me, frankly.

~The overall rush to love and marriage for Beau and Landry. Also, what happened to Landry's plans for a career and future? It all went MIA as soon as Beau came into her life.

~I was more than a bit confused trying to figure out Mia's age throughout the book. Unless I just misread something -- or missed something -- I swear she was talking and crawling way too early. Perhaps this is a minor thing, but I should't have to plot a child's age on paper just to keep it straight while reading. :/

I still like Valentine's writing, and will be back for more, but this book fell flat for me. STARS

Favorite quote:

“I want a love that makes me burn and melt and gives me every gooey feeling in the world. I want a morning kisses and late-night talk kind of love. I want a eat dessert naked in bed kind of love." I take a deep breath. "I want a man who chooses to love me --in good times and bad, because I'm going to chose to love him right back. We won't be perfect, nothing's perfect but it would be my kind of perfect love.” 

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-- Take Me On by Katie McGarry --

Another great book from McGarry. I don't read YA like I used to, but McGarry's Pushing the Limits series is one of my favorites. I've had this one in my pile since it released, and decided to pull it out this week. As always, a very emotional, angst-y read. I enjoyed West and Haley's story. They both deserved happiness, and definitely worked hard to reach it. 4 STARS

Favorite quote:

“Silences seem longer in darkness. I think it's because it's harder to lie when the lights are off. There's a rawness that only belongs to the night and the truth can't help but be set free.”

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A bit of a slow reading week for me (busy with other things), but since I'm still ahead on my GR challenge, I'm not too concerned. :)

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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