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[ARC Review]: "Knit Tight"

Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert
Publisher: Lyrical Shine (April 12, 2016)
Series: Portland Heat, 4
Genre: M/M Romance -- Contemporary 

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, has some of best restaurants, shops, and caf├ęs in the country. But it’s the hard-working men who serve it all up that keep us coming back for more...

One of Portland’s hottest young baristas, Brady is famous for his java-topping flair, turning a regular cup of joe into a work of art. Every Wednesday—aka “Knit Night”—hordes of women and their needles descend on the coffeehouse, and Brady’s feeling the heat. Into the fray walks a tall, dark, and distractingly handsome stranger from New York. His name is Evren, and he’s the sexy nephew of Brady’s sweetest customer, the owner of the yarn shop down the street. He’s also got a killer smile, confident air, and masculine charm that’s tying Brady’s stomach in knots. The smitten barista can’t wait to see him at the next week’s gathering. But when he tries to ask Evren out, his plans unravel faster than an unfinished edge. If Brady hopes to warm up more than Evren’s coffee, he’ll have to find a way to untangle their feelings, get out of the friend zone, and form a close-knit bond that’s bound to last a lifetime…

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My Review:

"Fiber and color should match your mood. Don't underestimate the power of a cushy cotton to relax you or a sturdy wool to invigorate you. Likewise, look for spots of color, even on your darkest days."

I’ve only read the second book in this series (Baked Fresh), and liked it well enough. But Knit Tight was so, SO good. The cover alone gave me all the warm, fuzzy feels, and the story within was everything I could have asked for. Brady and Ev just fit together, even though it took some time for their paths to line up. It was well worth it.

I could connect with both of these men. Not in a “Oh, they have my exact life!” sort of way, no. I can understand the responsibility – and weight – that Brady had thrust upon him while still so young, and I could feel the frustration over his situation right along with him. I was able to connect with Ev some, too, as he stepped in to take care of his aunt. Both men were so very strong, and have big hearts, to have done these things, and it only made me love them more. It also made their HEA that much more satisfying, as they each deserved to have someone to lean on for once.

It is a bit of an emotional read at times, and during one scene, I was legitimately ready to cry with Ev. No, I won’t spoil it, you’ll just have to wait and read. Have tissues handy. Or ice cream. Or chocolate. (Or both. Both is always good.)

"I like . . . low-maintenance looks, too. Natural."

"You? You're pretty much a walking menswear ad. You dig scruffy, though?" I was seriously fishing now.

"I do not need someone who can't be . . . rumpled," Ev said.

Rumple me. Please. I disguised a whimper as a little go-ahead noise.

The easy banter between Ev and Brady was great. There’s a good dose of flirting early on, followed by phone and text conversations later. 

"And apparently you like bossy kissers?"

"Yes. Please. Take control of my mouth. Fuck me with your tongue and I'm a happy man."

"What if I . . . the other person . . . wants to kiss a long time? With clothes on?"

"You mean grinding for forever and I don't get to come?" I groaned, pulse speeding up. "That sounds fucking fabulous. Don't mind my begging to come while you do that. Make me wait."

"Begging is . . . a bonus."

Not to mention the kissing and dry humping. Because UNF. There’s ample chemistry between them, and Annabeth does a fantastic job of capturing it. Ev has a few quirks about sex and what he likes and dislikes, but that doesn’t stop the pages from sizzling when they’re together, trust me! I loved when Ev was flexing his dominant side – and so did Brady. Very much so. :D

I decided that I didn't love Ev despite his quirks; I loved him because of them. Because of all the unique textures and patterns that made up my Evren.

"I want a life with you," I whispered against his chest. "I don't care how hard it is to make that happen. It's what I want."

"We will make it happen, askim. You will see. Have faith."

Faith. It was such a funny, strange thing. For so long, I'd had none, and he'd almost had too much, but now we'd both found the one thing worth going all in on: us. What started as a small thread, the skinny yarn Ev used for socks, was now a hefty ball of hopes and dreams and a future we were going to make happen.

Knit Tight delivers the sweet, the steam, the emotions and lovable characters. And the ending is so damn perfect. There are some issues early on about Brady being bisexual, but Ev comes around and I thought Annabeth handled the topic well. Easily read as a standalone, I highly recommend this book.

4 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Annabeth Albert; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them. Any mistakes or typos in the quotes are my own fault.

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