Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Talk: Guilty Reader

I mentioned this on Twitter recently, so why not turn it into a longer discussion?

My TBR pile is out of control. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me.

Honestly though, I haven't really bought many new books in the last 5 years or so. Oh, sure, the occasional can't-miss-this-awesome-sale ebook, but otherwise my TBR mountain is just there, never dwindling but somehow always multiplying. And glaring at me...

Obviously I read a fair amount of ARCs before release date. But between my older TBR pile and the ARCs, I can't remember the last time I bought a book the week it released and read it. Seriously! It's been so long that I. Cannot. Remember.

Now part of this, I'll admit, is because I'm a cheap reader and unless something's on sale for a few bucks, it's probably not in my budget. But this post isn't about book budgets, so let's ignore that part for now.

I have to be really excited to read a book if I'm going to buy it, even on sale. I don't like wasting my money on meh books. And yet once I one-click it, that excitement wanders off as the guilt sets in, telling me I can't read it until I finish this many ARCs or that many older TBR books.

My point is I never take the time to see what's coming out each week and sit down to read it. And that makes me kind of sad. Yet at the same time I know I'd feel guilty if I *DID* buy and read a new book when I have hundreds that have been sitting on my shelves and Kindle for years.

Related, I almost never reread. In fact, I can count on one hand the series/books that I've reread in my life.

Literally, one hand. Ready? Nora Robert's Born In trilogy and (of course) Harry Potter. That's it.

I have never allowed myself -- yes, allowed myself -- the luxury of rereading a favorite book.


Again, it's the guilt I feel at the idea.

Me: I'm in a book funk, maybe I should reread a favorite...
Guilty Reader Me: "Why are you rereading this book when you have 400 on your shelf? And don't even get me started on the ebooks waiting for you!"
Me: Oh....Yeah. You're right. Okay, no rereads.

I want to work on both of these issues.

I want to be able to pick up a beloved book and reread it and not give a single fuck about my unread TBR pile.

I want to be able to hear about an amazing new book coming out Tuesday, one-click it, and read it THAT WEEK.

I want to break my pointless, silly, self-created guilt over my reading habits and start enjoying my reading time even more.

So that's my plan: to read what I want to read, whether it's a reread or a brand new book I just one-clicked, and kick my inner Guilty Reader to the curb.

Have you ever experienced this reader guilt or am I alone in my oddness? 


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