Monday, April 18, 2016

Let's Talk: Romance Newbies

I've been thinking lately: what books do you give someone in hopes of turning them into a full-blown romance reader?

Obviously there's no right or wrong answer to this because everyone has different taste in books. A book that you loved and recommend may be just "meh" to a potential reader, while a book that you didn't enjoy as much might be the exact catnip that same reader needed to dive into the romance genre. And that's okay!

But I am curious about what books YOU would give to a non-romance reader to bring them to the smexy side. :) As SmartBitches put it, what books are in your Romance Conversion Kit?

It could be books for the entire genre or for certain subgenres. (Perhaps a book to convert a historical romance reader to a paranormal romance reader, a book to recommend to a first time M/M reader, etc.)

In short, let's talk about all the awesome books we think potential romance readers need in their lives! Because really, you can never have too many recs. :)


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