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[ARC Review]: "Primal Instinct"

Primal Instinct by Tara Wyatt
Publisher: Forever (May 31, 2016)
Series: Bodyguard, 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense


The first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do. He approaches the world-famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget.

When Taylor's record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out-of-control rocker, she's less than thrilled to find it's her off-the-charts one-night stand who shows up for the job. She's terrified of letting herself fall for the damaged ex-Army Ranger, and she's determined to push him away. Yet every moment they're together simmers with tension. As the danger from an obsessed stalker mounts, Taylor and Colt are tempted to cross that line again-baring their hearts and souls as well as their bodies-and there's no telling how hot this song will get.

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Taylor’s a rock star whose career isn’t exactly on a high note at the moment. Because the record label wants her to “be good” and focus on her next album, they hire a bodyguard for her. The only problem? The bodyguard is the very guy she had a one-night stand with a few days before. Talk about awkward.

Colt served in the military for 12 years, and suffers from PTSD and survivor guilt over what happened while he was there. After leaving the Army, he now does security work. The company he was working for fired him after an incident and now he’s doing it freelance with a buddy. When he finds out that their next assignment is none other than the woman that left him in the middle of the night, he wonders what he can do to get another chance with her.

While Colt’s hired as a bodyguard just for general precaution originally, soon they realize that Taylor’s life is at risk – from two sources. Her dick of a father, the president of a biker gang, who pissed off the wrong group, as well as a psychotic fan that believes they’re meant to be together.

It’s clear from the very beginning who the bad guys are, and what their motives are. A few scenes throughout are told from each of their POVs (the psycho stalker and Taylor’s father), so the reader knows what’s coming. In that way, it’s a bit predictable. The stalker is completely batshit and the plans he has for Taylor are disgusting. The father just needed to grow a pair and take care of his own shit and leave Taylor alone for good.

I felt like the pacing was a bit off at times. There were quite a few suspense scenes against the bad guys and each time it seemed like in one paragraph they were fighting for their lives and the next paragraph the bad guys were suddenly wrapped up neatly and waiting for the cops. I suppose it all read as too rushed, and I had to go back to reread these scenes to try and figure out if things were truly taken care of or if it was an easy way to set up for a surprise attack coming (it was not).

The chemistry between Taylor and Colt was definitely there from the beginning and continued all through the book. I had no complaints for this.

"Such a gentleman."

"A gentleman who wants to bury his face in your pussy."

"God, yes." She grabbed his face and brought her mouth up to his again, slipping her tongue in his mouth and kissing him deeply. She lowered her hands, loving the feel of flexing muscle under his shirt as she skimmed her fingers down his wide back. She palmed his firm, tight ass, massaging and squeezing the muscle there as she pulled his hips tight against hers.

"I've wanted to get my face between your thighs again from the second you left my bed."

She whimpered out a moan and rolled her hips against him, seeking relief for the sweet ache throbbing between her thighs.

"I want to suck and kiss and lick you until you come on my tongue, all wet and swollen."

"Holy shit, Colt." Her voice came out on a tremulous whisper.

"Oh, honey. I think we  both know that I'm going to make you say my name louder than that."

Her stomach flipped and turned, anticipation tingling hotly through her. "I fucking love your dirty mouth."

Maybe it's almost TMI, but this quote (below) just works for me. So much. ;)

Skimming over the top of his boxer briefs, she ran her palm lightly over his gorgeously thick cock, which was hard and straining for freedom. He flexed his hips into her hand and she worked him again, with more pressure this time. But when she moved to dip her hand into his boxers, he stepped back, shaking his head. For one terrifying second, she thought he was pulling away from her and from what they were about to do. Instead, he scooped her up and set her on the edge of the island before dropping to his knees in front of her, an adorably naughty smile playing across his lips. She took a deep breath as she looked down at him, never wanting to forget the sight of Colt on his knees in front of her, shirtless and with his pants open, the plump head of his cock peeking out over the waistband of his boxers, his hair a mess from her hands, his cheeks slightly flushed.

It was both sweet and dirty, both tender and erotic. It was a tiny yet perfect moment, and she knew that if she ever had occasion for her life to flash before her eyes, this would be one of the images she'd see.

Exerting gentle pressure on her calves, he hooked her legs over his shoulders and pushed her skirt up, leaving her completely open and exposed to him.

There were also a few fun pranks they pulled on one another in the first part of the book. First, Taylor set up a dating account on a furries site for Colt and he had random weird texts coming in. Then Colt took all of Taylor’s guitar picks, put them in a mold of Jell-o, and set up a glitter bomb on the fridge door. Taylor responded to this by hiring 3 male strippers to show up at Colt’s place while he had his buddies over for poker. Finally, Colt messed with Taylor’s cellphone settings and turned some of her commonly used words/phrases into hilarious autocorrects instead. See below for a few examples.

Taylor: Colt is a sexy beast, you busy? 
[In place of "Hey".]

Sierra: Um . .. are you ok?
Taylor: I'm Harry Potter. 
[In place of "Yes".]

Taylor: Have you seen my vibrator? 
[In place of "Okay".]

Taylor: I'm going to kill Colt, king of all that is awesome, who has a large and aesthetically pleasing penis.
 [It wasn't said what phrase this was in place of.]

But the fun banter they had going in the beginning of the book didn’t really continue the rest of the way. I know this is a romantic suspense book, but I wish there had been even a hint of that fun sprinkled through some of the latter part of the story.

All in all, I liked Primal Instinct. It was hot, it had a few fun scenes, and it was a quick read for me. I’m kind of curious about Roman -- Colt's freelance buddy -- so if he gets a book, I’ll probably pick it up.


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I received an ARC of this book from the publisher.

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