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[ARC Review]: "The Reverse of Perfection"

The Reverse of Perfection by Christi Barth
Publication Date: May 17th 2016
Series: Bad Decisions, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Dylan Royce, ex-teen pop star, needs a sexy image makeover. His first adult solo album came out under his perfect, white-washed persona and tanked. Joining a band equally famous for their music and their between-the-sheets escapades is only the start. He needs to get raunchy. Sleep with a different girl every night. But there’s only one woman he wants, and she still sees him as a goody two-shoes boy-bander. 

Ariel Watson is the publicist in charge of turning Dylan into the sex-god every woman dreams of doing. Frankly, she doesn’t see the appeal. Until one hot kiss changes her mind. Now she wants to keep him for herself--without losing her job. Or losing Dylan the legions of drooling fans she’s supposed to be building for him. 

Turning bad got Dylan the woman of his dreams. But how will he choose between her...or his career catapulting him back to superstar status?

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My Review:

The Reverse of Perfection was just what I needed last week – a quick, easy read, but I mean that in the best possible way. While it’s a novella, I found that the pacing and everything was done really well; I never felt like there was anything unnecessary taking up precious page space, I never felt like anything vital was being skipped in order to wrap everything up quickly, nor did I feel that things were being rushed along. It was just . . . well, perfection in that sense. J

“It’s not enough that you people buy my underwear? Now you want to know if I can handle the equipment that goes in it?”

“Frankly, yes.”

“Do you need signed affidavits?” Hands on his hips, he came to her, Slowly. Surprisingly seductively. Leading with his hips, which drew her gaze down to his belt. “Or are you looking more for show-and-tell?”

“It’s a yes or no question, Dylan. Are you a virgin?”

The corners of his mouth curled downward into a sneer. “No. But that doesn’t prove shit. Any nimrod can shoot his wad in thirty seconds. You want to know if I can arouse women? If I can make them want me from across a stage and mosh pit? If I can raise their temperature and make them drop their panties?”

Okay. He was off to a pretty good start. It had to be the tractor beam of his blue eyes mixed with the deep hoarseness of his voice. Ariel licked her suddenly dry lips. “That sums it up.”

Dylan’s trying to break away from his boy-next-door image from his years in a boy band. Trouble is, everyone still wants to see him as the innocent teen heartthrob, and his attempt at a solo album did not go well since everyone else was calling the shots – the production company, his agent, etc. – and not him. Now he has a second chance, just one though, to turn his image in the direction he wants, to share the music he writes, and not just follow the puppet masters that have been in charge of his career since he was a teen. 

Enter Ariel, who’s in the middle of her own second chance at picking up the pieces of her career. Finally, someone who doesn’t just tell Dylan what to do, but actually asks for his opinion. The only problem is he’s also attracted to her – and has been since he glimpsed her at an event four years ago. Can he take control of his own career and find love?

He craned his neck sideways as though scanning the floor. “I don’t see ‘em.”

“See what?”

“Your panties. I was sure I heard them land on the floor in the middle of Naked.”

This was a fun read. Dylan was adorable, and I loved watching him go after Ariel. There was a good deal of banter between them, not to mention chemistry.

“I would not appreciate being manhandled. I do like to be handled by a man who knows what he’s doing. There is a difference.”

“I know the difference.” Dylan picked up his blazer and held it over his shoulder by a single finger. “And I’ll prove that, too.”

A hot and fun read that’s quick, yes, but very enjoyable. I don’t think you’ll find anything lacking. I sure didn’t. There’s some drama that comes up towards the end, but otherwise it’s an easy ride to their HEA. I’m interested in the rest of the Riptide band members, so I’ll be back for the other books. Especially Jones, the drummer. I have a good feeling about his story since he was a very fun character. 


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I received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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