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[ARC Review]: "Winning Her Over"

Winning Her Over by Alexa Rowan
Publisher: Jasmine Press (May 9, 2016)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Massage therapist Brenna Nakamura is struggling to keep her small business afloat, and she has no time for dating. Besides, the only guys she meets are her clients, and they’re off-limits. But her newest client—a devastatingly gorgeous attorney who’s in Boston for a two-week trial—tempts her to break some of her rules.

After eight years of nights and weekends chained to his desk, Calvin Wilcox, Jr. is up for partner at his prestigious law firm. But even if Cal kicks ass at his next trial, partnership isn’t guaranteed. Some of his colleagues are sticklers for propriety, and getting entangled with a sweet, sexy masseuse is a distraction he can’t afford.

But their best intentions soon unravel. Will they risk their dreams to follow their hearts? The jury’s still out.

Winning Her Over is the first book in Golden Heart® award winner Alexa Rowan’s BigLaw Romance series, where smart, ambitious heroes and heroines struggle with realistic conflicts as they seek love, success, and that elusive work-life balance. This steamy standalone romance novel includes long-distance not-quite-friends with benefits, two hungry people sharing an orgasmically delicious pizza, some scorching-hot sex scenes, and NO cliffhangers.

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My Review:

The beginning to Winning Her Over was fun and a bit flirty (Brenna’s a massage therapist and Cal was her client that night as he was in the city for business). I liked Rowan’s writing style and found it easy to relax and enjoy the story.

It’s odd, but I actually found the two “solo” sex scenes sexier than the actual sex scenes. The first was Brenna getting herself off at home shortly after they met, the second was a phone sex scene later in their relationship. I can’t even pinpoint what it was about those scenes that I liked more than their other times together, but there you go. It’s not that the sex scenes were done poorly or anything.

I liked Brenna and Cal’s friends-with-benefits relationship turning into something more and thought Rowan did a good job with it. Of course they hit a little bump in the road when they both realize (even if they won’t yet admit it) that they want more from their relationship. However, Cal works to get back into Brenna’s life, and heart, through honest words and thoughtful gifts, which I thought was sweet.

All in all, this was truly a lovely read. There’s nothing heavy in it, but that’s not a bad thing; sometimes a lighter read is just what the reader needs, and that was definitely the case for me. I certainly liked Rowan’s writing enough to check back for future releases from her. 

3 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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Do you like the friends-with-benefits turned something more storyline? Is there a favorite book of yours that has this theme?


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