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[ARC Review]: "Raw Redemption"

Raw Redemption by Tessa Bailey
Publisher: Entangled: Select Suspense (June 13, 2016)
Series: Crossing the Line, 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Disgraced cop Henrik Vance is having a shit year. Banished to a derelict undercover squad, he’s been tasked with hunting down the daughter of Chicago’s most dangerous criminal. His obsession with saving the beautiful girl destroyed his career. And this time, it might cost his life.

Ailish O’Kelly doesn’t need a hero. She’ll save herself from her father’s violent criminal dynasty, thank you very much. Unfortunately, the sexy as sin cop who crashes her hideout isn’t hearing reason—especially not after the kiss that becomes much more.

His boss wants her as an informant. Ailish wants Henrik to keep whispering filthy things against her skin. But she knows too well the evil they’re up against, and when it comes down to protecting the man who owns her body and soul, she only has one choice…

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My Review:

Ever since Henrik saw Ailish, he knew he had to help her – and make her his. He threw away his own career as a cop in order to keep her out of prison, all without her knowing about it. At the time, she doesn’t even know who he is, but he can’t stop thinking about her, and those thoughts are oh-so-dirty . . .

Ailish is on the run from the prison she’s been in all her life – her crime lord father’s control. Since her father’s complete control of her life included her sexual agency (or lack thereof, really – the one lover she had in college was beaten by her father’s men and ended up in the ICU), she gets a thrill out of teasing men, making them want her, but never letting them touch her. Until she meets Henrik that is. She loves teasing Henrik but she also wants to give in to him. The teasing is delicious torment for both of them, but can they survive the burn and the danger closing in?

Can’t my entire review be: Henrik is sexy as hell, Ailish is such a tease, and Tessa Bailey delivers scorching hot sex scenes again? Because that’s accurate. So accurate.

Henrik snagged Ailish's left hand from its perch on her hip, trapping it above her head. When he swooped in to capture her mouth, she did this little pull-away move, tease that she was, which only made him hotter and more eager. She paid for evading him with a punishing kiss, the kind that had been created as a prelude to fucking, heads tilting to get maximum access, teeth bumping. With water sluicing down their faces, not a care was given about being messy, tongues licking against each other in desperation.

His balls weighed down between his thighs, as if his body knew shower time equaled relief. He had no choice but to drop his right hand and cup them, massage them in a steady rhythm so unlike the frenetic kiss happening above.

Ailish pulled away, sucking in huge gulps of breath, her wet head falling back against the shower stall. " God. Does everyone kiss like that?"

"Everyone wishes they kissed like that."

Seriously though, the dirt-smutty goodness is high in Raw Redemption, and Bailey proves yet again that she’s the Queen of Dirty Talking Heroes.

"God, baby. I've never been this horny in my fucking life. If we're in the same room, I'm thinking of a way to get your hand down the front of my jeans. Remember that. It's not going to change anytime soon, so I hope like hell you like working my dick."

"I love it." There was a shudder in her voice. "I love watching what it does to you. You look're dying."

His laughter was pained. "And you like watching me die?"

"The pad of her thumb massaged the tip of his arousal, and his groan tore through the shower stall. "Yes," she whispered. "I think...I think I like this kind of violence. A lot"

Henrik is such a great hero; he wants to take care of Ailish, but he also wants her to be his and he’s not against dominating her in bed – not that Ailish is complaining about that, mind you. Nor am I. ;) Ailish is not a weak heroine, and she has no problem with going against Henrik, as much to save herself as to save him.

"I love you," she blurted, only catching a fleeting glimpse of his dumbstruck expression before wedging her forehead between his neck and shoulder. "Dammit. I was going to wait for a special time. You ruined it."

A long pause. "How  did I ruin it, baby?"

She lifted her head and blew out a breath. "By looking at me."

"I'm not going to stop doing that anytime soon."

"I'm not going to stop loving you anytime soon."

"Equal measure."

There’s a nice dose of suspense throughout as they work to bring down Ailish’s father before he can harm her. This marks the end of two series, really: this series (Crossing the Line) and the previous one (Line of Duty). I’ve only read one or two from each series, so I’d say they could technically be read as standalones, but they’d be better in order so as to know who all the supporting characters are. I do have plans to play catch up, because I just can’t get enough of Bailey’s dirty, dirty heroes and the strong women they love. Bailey is one of my go-to authors and she never disappoints.


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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Tessa Bailey; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them. Any mistakes or typos in the quotes are my own fault.

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If you're looking for dirty reads with great characters and fun banter, you can never go wrong with Bailey's books. Including this one. 

Also, that cover? UNF. 


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