Saturday, September 24, 2016

Whatcha Reading? (65)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

September 18th - 24th:


-- The Score by Elle Kennedy --

I love this series and I can't believe I put off reading Dean's book so long. When I saw it on sale, I jumped. So glad I did, this was just what I needed. Very fun and sexy, Dean and Allie have a lot of banter, especially in the beginning. I love Kennedy's writing style and this group of characters. My only complaint is Dean's actions around the 80% mark when his friend dies (which just about killed me, btw...). I get that he was lost and in pain, but his coping and his treatment of Allie, the fact that he did forget her opening night and all that, just wasn't Dean at all and pissed me off. Everything else in the book was great though. Was this a bit predictable (manwhore finds THE ONE and changes his ways, etc.)? Maybe. But it worked, and worked very well for me. I'm hoping Dean's sister, Summer, gets a book because she was so much fun. Can't wait for Tucker's book next! 4 1/2 Stars

Favorite quote:

"Okay, so here's our plan for tonight. First we'll bone down to take the edge off. Then we'll order a pizza and replenish our energy, and after that, round two. Sound good?"

Exasperation rises inside me. Every time I think there's more to Dean than simply being a sex-obsessed horndog, he goes and proves me wrong. Or actually, he proves me right.

"Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist about your delusions?" I ask politely. "Because, sweetie, there's no chance in hell of us boning tonight."

"Fine. How about we go down on each other instead?"

"How about you leave?"

"Counter offer -- I stay and we dry hump."

God, this guy is incorrigible. "Counter offer -- you can stay, but you're not allowed to talk."

He counters with, "I stay, I'm allowed to talk, but I won't hit on you."

I think it over. "You stay, you can't hit on me, and you have to watch my show without a single complaint."

A broad grin stretches across his face. "I accept your terms, madam."

Want to see a few more quotes I shared on Twitter while reading? Here you go!

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Another VERY slow reading week because of heavy class reading and studying for quizzes. I did finish a book for class but it's not worth mentioning on this post. But you better believe I'm counting it for my GR challenge. :P

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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