Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's Talk: Blogging and Social Media

Today's topic came about while I was going through the romance survey responses (yes, still -- there's a lot!). And since I didn't have time to finish my current book/review for today, I figured why not bring it up for a little chat with you all?

A few survey participants mentioned that they've noticed some bloggers doing less discussions on the blog and spending more time discussing books on social media instead.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that it's my second home. I definitely spend far too much time on there, but I just can't help it! Right now, when my life's a bit crazy with classes and everything, it's easier for me to take a few minutes here and there to chat with readers on Twitter than to sit down and come up with an entire review or blog post. I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is right now. It won't always be that way though, as I plan to focus more on the blog once finals are all done.

The statement about blogging versus social media has me wondering though: are we switching more to Twitter and Facebook, where we can directly interact with authors and readers in real time, rather than checking back on a blog to reply to a comment?

I must admit, it kind of makes sense in that regard. Do I think that social media will replace blogging? No way. Character limits, for one. Can you imagine reading an entire review, one tweet at a time? Or an interview? And Facebook, though it does allow you to post longer messages, is the bane of most of our existences -- always hiding posts, barely any post views even if you have hundreds of followers, etc., etc. Social media simply cannot replace a blog, it's not set up that way at all.

But the fact remains that more and more readers and reviewers ARE putting a lot of time into building their social media platforms in order to connect to their followers.

Which then brings up the question of how many blog followers also follow the coordinating Twitter or Facebook or whatever, If certain content is being shared on social media, but not the blog itself, how many readers are missing out?

I know I've had a ton of fun and interesting conversations, mainly on Twitter, but I don't carry them over to the blog. Maybe I should once in a while. I promise it's not that I'm ignoring you all over here! :)

One nice thing about social media is there's a bit more freedom about what you talk about or share. For example, I'm probably never going to post about makeup here on the blog. This is primarily a romance review blog and such a post just wouldn't fit. But on Twitter? You bet! I'll ask for beauty recommendations or recipe ideas or whatever else over there because I have a bit more leeway with my content.

Maybe it's not about posting on social media and not the blog, but rather WHAT is being posted where?

I must admit, I haven't been visiting ANYONE'S blog much since I went back for my BA 2 years ago. I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day. So I can't really say that I've noticed other bloggers moving away from long blog chats and more towards social media quickie discussions.

I'm not saying that what the survey participants brought up is actually happening, nor am I judging any blogger for the amount of time they spend on the blog versus social media. I'm just curious if this IS something that you've noticed in the past few years and if so what your thoughts are on it.

Related to all this, let me know how you connect and interact with the community the most. Is it through blogs? Goodreads? Social media (if so, which platform)? Do you follow bloggers on multiple platforms or stick to just one?


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