Monday, November 21, 2016

Let's Talk: Books That Make You Happy

The blog is a bit quiet again/still (nearly finals + holidays + life stress = UGGGGGH), so how about another little chat?

Tell me what books makes you happy! As in, just thinking of the book, or being able to recommend it to someone, makes you smile or genuinely brings you joy. 

It could also be a specific scene in a book! Happiness can be defined in so many ways. For example: books that make you laugh/giggle/snort, books that make you happy sigh, books that bring you comfort, books that have a good memory associated with them (from when you first read it), etc.

Some that come to mind for me (in no particular order):

. . . Okay, I'll stop. If I looked through my GR I could probably list others. Most of these are ones I've read in the past year or so. 

You'll notice my reasons vary; some are comfort reads for me, some made me laugh, some just make me extremely happy when I think about them, or excited when I think about recommending them to others.

We could all use some happiness lately, so please feel free to share all the happy-book love in the comments!


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