Monday, November 7, 2016

Let's Talk: Reading Time and Habits and Notes, Oh My!

Since I have no reviews ready to go today, I decided to put together a quick discussion post instead.

Let's talk about reading -- as in your reading habits, if you have a "ritual" while reading (for example: favorite place to do so, snacks or drinks to keep you company, etc.), and if you take notes or highlight quotes.

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I have three ways of keeping my "read books" organized: Goodreads (obviously), a yearly spreadsheet and a notebook, which I started long before the blog or GR.

I start a new spreadsheet every year, here's a peek at this year's:

And the notebook, which I started May 27th, 2006, and still use today:

Yes, the notebook is looking a bit ragged. I'm over 3/4 through it, so I'll probably have to replace it in the next year or two. And yes, when I started the notebook, I was in quite the Nora Roberts kick that month. :)

Why do I use all three methods? I have no idea. Habit. Worry that if I lose one (or something happens to GR) I at least have some idea of what I've read recently. Because otherwise 90% of my day would be trying to figure out if I've read a book or not.

I rarely have the luxury to just sit and read for a long time, so my reading is mostly done in brief breaks -- 10 minutes here, a full 30 there, 5 minutes before class, etc. I really wish I could do the Sit Down and Read From Beginning to End more often. I'm not going to lie, the stop-start-stop can make a book experience very choppy for me, but it's the only way I can do it most days.

As to favorite spot: I don't really have one. See previous answer. I read when I can, be it while eating lunch or in the car. If I'm home though, probably on my couch. Drinks and snacks are optional, but I won't turn them down. :)

If I'm reading a review book, I try to take notes as I go. Sometimes this works out, sometimes I forget. I need to get into the habit of ALWAYS doing notes, because that makes reviewing much easier. But if I haven't made this habit stick after 8 years . . .  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But whether I'm reading an ARC or reading something just because, I always highlight quotes that I find funny or that speak to me. If it's on my Kindle, I usually share ALL THE QUOTES on my Twitter feed (not at all sorry).

If I'm reading in print (or listening to an audiobook) and I want to share a quote, I will bookmark it. Because sharing is caring, right? I'm such a quote lover though, so I can't help but find them and share with you all.

For a while, I was writing down my favorite quotes in a journal. I haven't done so in a while; I should get back to it. Here's a peek at it though:

So tell me about your reading habits! Do you have a favorite spot or time of day to read? Snacks that you enjoy while reading? Are you organized about your reading or note taking? Oh! And do you have friends or online readers that you text/message while reading a book?


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