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Whatcha Reading? (77)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

December 11th - 17th:


-- Lessons in Letting Go by Jessica Peterson --

I loved the start to this one -- heroine is studying abroad (Spain) and wants to find herself, especially sexually; ends up bumping into her crush, the star of the Madrid soccer team, and decides to have some sexy fun with him. Of course it, slowly, turns into more, though at first it's more of a publicity based relationship. Like I said, I really enjoyed the start, but after that things kind of went a bit uneven for me. Some parts I just wanted to smack both the hero and the heroine for (he's a bit of a jerk at times and very focused on himself and his future; heroine loses herself in the shuffle for a long time before snappnig out of it), some parts (the sex, for one) I really enjoyed. I like Peterson's writing, and I'm definitely going to come back for more, but for me this one was a bit of a hit-and-miss. Enjoyable for sure, but not a perfect hit for me. 3 1/2 Stars

Favorite quote:

“Laura, when I say I want to eat your pussy, I fucking want to eat your pussy. I’m not being polite. I’m not playing some twisted game, trying to get out of something that’s ‘gross’. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is gross about you or your body. I want to lick your cunt and make you come—that’s what I mean when I say ‘I want to go down on you’. Nothing more. Nothing less.” His accent is dipping now, becoming less cut glass, more rough and round. Fucking curls into fecking. “Got it?” 

A shiver darts up my spine. “Got it.”

Find some more of the quotes I shared HERE.

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-- Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt -- [Audiobook, Library]

Truly loved Winter and Isabel's story. Winter is a virgin hero, Isabel is the more sexually confident one in the relationship, especially at first, and I adored that. I also loved seeing them fall for each other. The scenes are pretty steamy, for a HR especially. Hoyt delivers her usual beautiful writing and engaging story. Narration is great for this series. 4 1/2 Stars

Favorite quote:

But he place a gentle palm under her chin and turned her face back to him. “I'm privileged to see you like this,” he said, his eyes fierce. “Wear you social mask at your balls and parties and when you visit your friends out there, but when we are alone, just the two of us in here, promise me this: that you'll show me only your real face, no matter how ugly you might think it. That's our true intimacy, not sex, but the ability to be ourselves when we are together."

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-- Ready to Fall by Olivia Dade --

Decided to read something quick, and I picked this novella up free recently.

Quick read, a bit sexy, a bit sweet, a small miscommunication scene and a  cute ending. I'll definitely read more from Dade and this series, including book 5, which I have an ARC of right now. :) 3 1/2 Stars

Favorite quote:

“For God’s sake, Chris. Stop fucking around and do it already.” 

Just for that, he delayed the inevitable. Instead, he rubbed the head of his cock around the entrance to her pussy and pressed it to her clit again and again, until she was whimpering and rocking her hips against the pressure. It almost killed him, but he resisted pushing into her until he heard her strained whisper. 

“I’m about to come, you maddening son of a bitch. If you want me to do it around your cock, I suggest you get it inside me. Soon.”

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Slow week for reading as this was my final week of classes. I hope to get more reading time from here on out though! 

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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