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Whatcha Reading? (81)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

January 8th - 14th:

Appealed by Emma Chase

Audiobook from Overdrive
Narrator: Deacon Lee
Kindle | NOOK

Narration rating = Solid 4.5 Stars
Rating = 4.5 Stars
January Royal Pick

  • Brent & Kennedy are lawyers (defense and prosecutor, respectively)
  • Childhood best friends finally turn into lovers when they meet for a case
    • They had a one-time hook up in high school but misunderstandings and HS drama, etc. = it never went anywhere
  • Fun, sarcastic, and snarky as always
  • Great chemistry; very sexy (again, like always from Chase)
  • Would have preferred dual 1st POV (like book 2) but it's a minor gripe
  • Loved the extended epilogue
  • Love this entire series, with 2 and 3 my favorite (...2, I think, barely grabs #1 Fav)
  • Narration = great, would listen to more from Lee. 

Favorite quote:

“Brent…” She gasps, fingers running through my hair. “This is real. Tell me this is real.”

My eyes jerk up to hers and I cup her jaw in one hand. “It’s real. This is so real I can’t stop shaking.” 

Driven to Distraction by Olivia Dade

Kindle | NOOK
Rating = 4.5 Stars
January Royal Pick

  • Lumbersexual IT (Sam) + strong and sexually confident bookmobile librarian (Con)
  • To combat the sexual tension, the two fight and banter
  • SO HOT
  • Bookmobile desk sex
  • Fun moments -- including talk of a vibrator race (yes, you read that right)
  • Great characters; I want to go back and read previous books
  • Conflict between the two but it's resolved neatly in the end
  • Heroine I could relate to
  • Banter + sexy + nerdy + fun = perfect
Favorite quote:

He could fuck her until she sobbed his name. He could make her feel safe. Cosseted. And most surprising of all, he could take a woman who prized her solitude and make her so goddamn happy that she wanted him by her side every day. Every single second. As far as Con was concerned, Iron Man and Thor could go fuck themselves, because only one true superhero existed in her universe.

Their Emerald Maggie Chase

Rating = 2.5 Stars
Releases: January 31st

Cover hasn't been revealed yet.

  • Historical erotica with a different story line. It's a triad . . kind of
  • Hero 1 is gay; hero 2 is bi; heroine (a prostitute) is straight
    • Hero 1 and heroine have been friends for a long time; their relationship is platonic + she's been his beard
    • Hero 1 and 2 are obviously romantically and sexually involved
    • Hero 2 and heroine become involved sexually
    • So. Yeah. Complicated to explain.
  • My biggest problem is I didn't connect to any of the three characters, for whatever reason
    • I never felt like I was in any of their heads, but more like being told their story
      • Because of this, the sex was stiff and meh, not hot (though the acts themselves could have been)
  • I'm still a bit curious about the other stories in this series (also to be released on 31st) because of the diversity going on, including one F/F, multiple POCs, and even (I think) an older couple ("older" meaning 40s or so, though don't quote me on that)
  • Not a bad read, but I was underwhelmed by it

Favorite quote:

"Watch," Hank said. He lifted Emmy's hand in his and, reluctantly, she let him. Then, somewhat more obviously than he had in the parlor at the Jeweled Ladies, he let his gaze work over her body. He lifted her hand to his lips and just before he kissed the back of her hand, he said, "My dearest Emmeline, that dress does not do your justice."

The compliment itself wasn't any better than what Raymond had said--but the way Hank said it was. His voice was all warmth and barely contained sex and intoxication. She was intoxicated. "Oh," she said, feeling her cheeks pink with a blush that might've been virginal on an actual virgin.

"Ah, you see?" Hank went on, his gaze never leaving her face. "Emmy heard the difference. The words don't matter, Raymond. But if you want people to believe you bed this woman and that this woman has forsaken all others for you--you must learn to say that with every action, every touch, every single glance."

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