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Whatcha Reading? (85)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

Feb 5 - 11

Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey

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Rating = 5 Stars
February Royal Pick

  • She's the boss, he the assistant
    • He hates having a desk job -- there's a reason there which is part of the overall story
  • Outside the office, he's a Dom and he wants to show her what it's like to submit
    • She's all about control and needing to be the top professionally (again, she has reasons) but realizes that she needs to submit, needs that giving over of control for a while
  • They try to balance out the Dom/sub vs Boss/assistant, and of course it's not the easiest but there's no major drama over it, either
  • BDSM is key to the story but not the most hardcore end of the BDSM spectrum
  • Very sexy -- definitely erotica (sex moves the relationship and character growth forward)
  • Emotional as well
    • They must find what they each want, individually and later as a couple
  • Definitely will read more from Grey

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Half by Eli Lang

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Releases today from Pub's site and Mon everywhere
Rating = 4 Stars
Notes: 1st POV

  • Hero (Luca) is half human, half fey
    • The two aren't meant to mix and something about that gene combo has been slowly killing him -- and it's getting even worse
  • His love interest (Kin) is a Japanese water fey
    • He's a healer of sorts, which is how they first met
    • Additional info: he was raised by his lesbian mothers -- one human, one water fey
    • No idea who his father was -- is he all fey or half something else like Luca, too?
      • If he is half, he's not sick
  • Really unique and interesting world here -- I wanted to explore it more!
  • With the exception of one (still tame/vague) scene later on, this romance is more fade-to-black than anything
    • Nothing wrong with that, btw, just an observation
  • The ending, while a HEA, disappointed me a bit
    • His illness isn't fixed...
    • To my knowledge, there's no other books planned for this, it's a standalone
      • I really want more -- not just to find an answer to Luca's illness, but also know who Kin's father was (is he more than just a water fey?) AND explore more of this fascinating world and characters
        • Like Luca's sister or the family friend, Riyad
  • I'll definitely keep an eye on Lang in the future -- still hoping there's another book planned though, to strengthen this story and HEA

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Favorite quote:

"Something that lasts forever can’t be a pleasure for all that time. The pleasure’s in the struggle, in the idea that we only get so much time. Whether it’s long or short, there’s a limit, and we have to just do with it what we can. That’s what makes it worth it. That’s what makes it important. That it’s not infinite. That it ends.”

Built by Jay Crownover

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Audiobook from Overdrive
Narrators = Nicki D. Noir Jay Crow
Narration rating = 4.5 Stars
Rating = 5 Stars
February Royal Pick
Notes: Dual 1st POV

  • Bearded, tattooed hero ahoy! -- Zeb
    • Ex-con
      • Arrested for protecting his sister against her abuser
    • Now a successful contractor
    • His past is catching up with him again -- but this time it's good, though life changing
      • Needs heroine's help for it
  • Lawyer heroine (family court) -- Sayer
    • She has baggage from her past
      • Mainly from her father -- very controlling, had high expectations from her, etc
        • Verbally and emotionally abusive
        • He's passed and now, with Zeb's help, she's trying to find herself, not who her father made her be
    • The painting scene.
    • Oral on the stairs.
    • ALL THE SCENES, basically
  • Loved how protective but also sweet and caring Zeb was
  • Loved watching them each work through their problems and get their HEA
  • Sweet and fun, too
  • Will definitely be back for more in this series and the previous series, which is also connected to the characters here
  • Enjoyed Crownover's writing style
  • Narration: Enjoyed both the hero and heroine's narrators, I have no complaints about either
    • Would listen to them again

Favorite quote:

I liked kissing, I liked the press of mouths together, and the way you could tell what kind of man you had on your hands by how skilled or terrible he was at such a simple act. I liked that kissing was intimate and involved without having to have all your cards on the table, but more than any of that, I like that kissing spoke to exactly how into you the guy laying it on you was. If it was a peck on the cheek or a brush on the lips it meant there was no spark, if there was a closed lip press and no tease of the tongue it meant that he found you attractive and kissable but probably wasn't going to put forth the effort to be worthy of you. If there was a nibble of teeth and swirl of the tongue there was promise and potential than there was whatever Zeb was doing to me. It felt like conquering a victory. A battle fought and won. If felt like he was trying to make it so I would never be able to kiss anyone else in my life without having to compare it to this moment.

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