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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning, I'm sorry in advance to your debit card, ladies! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deals ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Unexpected Treasure
She wants him to teach her how to be a seductress
Contemporary Romance

✦ As You Wish
Rock star + florist
Contemporary Romance

✦ Touch of a Dark Wolf
After witnessing something chilling she runs – hits shifter hero
Paranormal Romance

✦ Memories of the Heart
Head surgeon; both men end up returning to care for ill grandmothers
M/M Romance / Contemporary

✦ Jack of Thorns
Florist and an aristocrat, both psychic
M/M Romance

✦ Rebellion (Bundle, 1-3)
Includes a shapeshifter princess heroine
Paranormal Romance


✦ A Duchess in Name
American heiress + destitute earl; marriage of convenience
Historical Romance

✦ Josh and Hannah
Rich girl + hero from the wrong side of the tracks
Contemporary Romance (NA)

✦ Dark Corners
Veteran now working undercover; she gets tangled up in his mission
Contemporary Romance

✦ Hold on Tight
“Young mother + battle scarred veteran” reunited
5☆ Kame and Pat Rec | Review
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Beasts Inside
4 bks; vampires & shifters, includes FBI agent + Dr pairing
Paranormal Romance

✦ My Reckless Heart
Heroine owns a shipping company, hires the hero
Historical Romance

✦ Wrong Question, Right Answer
Both work private security, he’s her brother’s best friend
Contemporary Romance

✦ Pushing Her Luck
Irish painter + American looking for her grandmother’s necklace
Contemporary Romance

✦ Violet
Bandit heroine + officer who rescues her
Historical Romance

✦ His Risk to Take
NYPD cop + street-savvy pool hustler + ALL THE DIRTY TALK
Contemporary Romance / Erotic

✦ Stirring Attraction
Wounded Army Ranger veteran returns home to protect his first love
Romantic Suspense

✦ Loup Garou
Heroine is half vampire/fae, supposed mate to dark fae prince
Paranormal Romance

✦ Seducing the Boss
She’s an ER nurse, opposites attract, ONS into more
Contemporary Romance / Erotic

✦ The Second Lie
Wineseller meets immortal Viking thief
Paranormal Romance

✦ Protecting What’s Theirs
Follow up novella for this couple; dirty talking goodness
Contemporary Romance

✦ Leaving Liberty
Texas Ranger; heroine has secrets in her past
Contemporary Romance

✦ Riskier Business
Follow up for this couple (cop + pool hustler)
Contemporary Romance

✦ Through His Eyes
Hero 1 is physical therapist student and new secretary to hero 2
M/M Romance / Contemporary
Avg GR rating = 5 (new release tho!)

✦ Risking It All
She goes undercover to investigate brother’s murder
Romantic Suspense / Erotic

✦ The Darkness Box Set
3 bks; Vampire, wolf shifters & a dragon shifter
Paranormal Romance

✦ Blind Ride
Bull rider loses his vision, falls for his travelling partner
M/M Romance / Contemporary

✦ Revolution (Bundle, 4-6)
Includes two bounty hunters working together – and falling in love
Paranormal Romance

✦ Body Shot
Former SEAL (now playboy bartender) + professor
Contemporary Romance

✦ When a Marquis Chooses a Bride
She’s outspoken, he’s stuck in the “proper” ways
Historical Romance

✦ Breakaway
Hockey player Dom, BDSM, MMF
Contemporary Erotica / Menage

✦ Chasing the High
Jilted by his fiance, hero takes 2 weeks’ vacation and finds love again
M/M Romance

✦ Not Quite a Duke
He wins her family’s house in a gamble, she’s secretly an author
Historical Romance


✦ Deeper
Emotional, sexy, 1st POV -- cliffhanger! Bk 2 = final HEA
5☆ TBQ Rec
New Adult / Contemporary

✦ Kill Without Mercy
Covert ops specialist; heroine’s dark past is catching up with her
Romantic Suspense

✦ Radio Silence
NA age; hate/love relationship
Dystopian Romance

✦ Completely Yours
Graphic designer meets EMT
Contemporary Romance

✦ Kill Without Shame
He doe civilian missions now; second chance w/ HS sweetheart
Romantic Suspense

✦ Forever and the Night
She’s hiding from bad guys, he’s a reclusive vampire
Paranormal Romance

✦ Four Friends
Four friends find their happiness and love
Contemporary Romance

✦ Beastly
Contemporary B&B retelling


$2.74 ✦ Hidden Impact
Vet-turned-mercenary; heroine’s sister is missing
Romantic Suspense

$2.49 ✦ Act Like It
London stage actor and actress
Contemporary Romance

✦ Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Young art student gets tangled up in an “otherworldly war”
YA Fantasy

✦ Wrong For Me
Ex-con + tattoo artist; friends to lovers
Contemporary Romance

$8.99 ✦ Camelot Series Bundle
2 bks, 2 novellas; includes single mom/lawyer + security guard
Contemporary Romance


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