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Whatcha Reading? (90)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

Mar 12th - 18th:

Knowing the Score by Kat Latham

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Rating = 3 Stars

  • Hero is a big rugby player in England
  • Heroine is an American currently working in England
    • She works with disaster relief, specifically setting up clean water and sewer as well as helping with women's needs in the areas
  • She saves an older man's life after he collapses, turns out to be Spencer's grandfather
    • Meets him while visiting his grandfather in the hospital shortly after
  • Liked their beginning
  • Had its fun moments and quotes
  • Pretty good level of sexy, heavy on the teasing
    • Kind of a slow build
  • Loved how sweet and careful he was with her
  • But . . . I had some issues, some inconsistencies, and the last 20% or so fell apart for me
    • Wasn't a bad read by any means but the "misses" took my overall rating down a bit
  • I went into more detail in my Goodreads review HERE
  • If you recall Kame reviewed it a few years ago and gave it 5 Stars, find her review HERE
  • Have enjoyed Latham before, will read again, but this one was just okay
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Hot in the City by Jules Court

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
eARC -- Releases March 27th
Rating = 4 Stars

  • She's a doctor -- still doing residency
    • Also heroine of color -- Indian descent
  • He's a detective (was previously a cop)
  • She recently sewed him up in the ER and there were definitely sparks, but neither acted on it
  • Now the woman Brian's looking for in regards to a murder is none other than Priya's cousin
    • She doesn't trust him fully -- he's a cop after all
      • She's always protected her "bad girl" cousin and is trying to do so now
  • Quick and enjoyable novella
    • Would definitely read Court again and recommend
  • I'm glad to see that Brian's partner, Detective Cruz, gets a story next; just grabbed that ARC, actually :)

Full review going up Monday!
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Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Audiobook from Overdrive
Narrator = Mary Jane Wells
Narration rating = 5 Stars
Rating = 5 Stars

  • Gabriel = son to the beloved Kleypas couple, Sebastian and Evie
  • Pandora is the sister to Helen, the heroine from book 2
    • Pandora is quite the handful, very much independent and outspoken and "quirky"
      • Is in the process of making her own game boards to sell
      • Never wants to marry
        • After Gabriel is caught alone with her (very funny opening scene!) it's expected they'll wed
          • BUT her family is very much pro-Pandora's choice, even if she still says no after spending time with Gabriel and his family first
  • Fun, lovely, romantic perfection with a good deal of delicious heat
  • I had a blast listening to this one, will be buying a keeper copy because it's that amazing & I need to share all the quotes
  • Audio narration is pure perfection and I highly recommend it on audio if you enjoy listening to your romances -- you won't be disappointed, I swear!
  • I need more books in this series. MORE. Gibson is next, I hear (!!!!) and I am beyond excited
    • She's a doctor!
  • Kleypas at her finest here, I have no complaints. None. I'm still floating in Happy Reader Cloud Nine

Favorite quote:

“Your kiss thrilled me beyond imagining,” he whispered. “Every night for the rest of my life, I’ll dream of the afternoon in the holloway, when I was waylaid by a dark-haired beauty who devastated me with the heat of a thousand troubled stars, and left my soul in cinders. Even when I’m an old man, and my brain has fallen to wrack and ruin, I’ll remember the sweet fire of your lips under mine, and I’ll say to myself, ‘Now, that was a kiss.'" 

Silver-tongued devil, Pandora thought, unable to hold back a crooked grin.

The Hooker and the Hermit by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Rating = 2 Stars

  • Irish rugby player
    • Hooker is the position on the team, btw
  • "Hermit"/shy social media/PR heroine
    • Also runs a secret blog commenting on celebrities
  • I *wanted* to like this one
    • Had potential
    • Irish hero! (I'm a sucker, okay?)
      • He's also not a Giant (just under 6')
    • Brief moments throughout where I was enjoying it
      • A few fun scenes/lines
  • Ultimately it fell apart on me, left me disappointed and frustrated
    • He was an ass at times, especially beginning
    • Inconsistent
      • Characters, story, etc
    • Didn't care about her after a while
      • Another heroine that really need some therapy to deal with her (legit) issues instead of reacting like she always did
    • His bitchy mother
      • Worse, she's written off as "Oh, I'm sorry, let's be friends now" and I can't with that
  • But mostly: the sex
    • He likes light bondage and dominating but "doesn't see it as BDSM, really"
    • He doesn't tell her this, just starts restraining her on their first time together "I can't explain what I want to do to you, just let me show you..."
      • BULL SHIT
      • Communication before sex is VITAL, especially during anything kinky like this
      • This is how his kink was treated and I hate it
        • Didn't find it sexy because to me sexy kink involves two-way communication and a feeling that it's her choice to be submitting like this
        • Without this kink "that's not BDSM" garbage, I think the sex could have been really hot -- I wanted to love it, but his lack of discussion with her about it turned me of
        • If you're going to jump on the kink/BDSM wagon, do it right, do the research, and don't just throw it in to make the story more "edgy" or "sexy" or to sell (ala FSOG affect)
  • I bought book 2 when it was on sale too, but now I'm not as excited to read it. :/
  • Was this one HORRIBLE? No.... but it had enough problems to make me rage again

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