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Whatcha Reading? (98)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

May 7th - 13th:

Ashwin by Kit Rocha

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Rating = 5 Stars
May Royal Pick

  • Spin off series from the Beyond Series
    • Can be read without having read the Beyond books, but those do set up the world/characters, too -- plus I love them so damn much :) 
  • Super soldier hero (think Nalini Singh's Psy Arrows, as far as the cold, inhuman and very powerful -- no psychic abilities here though!)
  • Super smart and great at her job doctor heroine
  • Starts the new series off well
    • Loved meeting the new cast of characters/brotherhood, need all their books ASAP!
  • Hot as hell, like always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Audiobook from Overdrive
Narrator = Justine Eyre
Narration rating = 3.5 - 4 Stars
Rating = 4 Stars

  • Dark suspense / thriller / murder mystery -- not going to be for all
    • You get some POV from the killer, some descriptions of the murders, etc.
  • Hero owns a construction business (a well-off one)
  • Heroine works with the FBI in the SDD, going after serials
    • She has her own dark past with a serial, from book 1 (have not yet read myself)
  • The two first meet at a bar, as an anonymous one-night stand . . . but they each want more than one night
  • They're thrown together though when his step-brother is kidnapped by a serial kidnapper/killer
    • She's already been on the case for said kidnapper, and is determined this time to solve this case and put the monster away
  • Nothing is what it seems . . . while it's true that I don't read as many mystery/thrillers like this, I was surprised to find out who the killer was
    • Twisted and suspenseful
  • BUT, to help counter the dark, the sex is damn hot, Eden does that well 🔥🔥
    • Now, the sex is great, but like many suspense novels, there's also the "I don't think a man would be having sex after such an injury" moments, which I talked about in two different Twitter threads HERE and HERE
  • Didn't love *as much* as book 2 --- I had a harder time believing the romance here, they were so at odds for so long, but still a great read for me
  • Narration: Good. This narrator isn't my all-time favorite, but I don't mind listening to her either

Enticing the Enemy by Jules Court

Rating = 3 Stars
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Defense attorney heroine
  • Detective hero (also, hero of color -- he's Puerto Rican)
  • Very short read (100 pages or so) and this was part of my problem
    • Spent too much time being hot and cold to one another before they even get together
      • Which means I then didn't really buy the quick jump from that to a HEA
    • Now, their hot/cold enemies-to-lovers dynamic could have worked better if the story had been longer, otherwise some of that filler needed to be cut and more time spent building the relationship into something believable for the reader
  • Story / writing itself was fine -- I like Court's writing, and would read more from her (hope she does a full length some day, I want to see what she can do with more time to build a romance)
  • Heat: Meh, it's okay. Not much on-page sexytimes, what we get is pretty vague/quick
    • There's a mutual masturbation scene, but it's so short and has almost no details and I nearly cried because I LOVE a good mutual pleasure scene, but this was disappointing for my dirty reader mind
  • Overall: short, quick read, but I was left wanting more
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Rogue by Brynley Blake

Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
eARC -- out Monday
Rating = 1 Star

  • No
  • NOPE
  • Another one that made me rant all over Twitter while reading and the review will be the same
  • Also, toothbrush + nipples do not belong together
  • And horrible BDSM aside, I was bored and disappointed

My ranty review explaining more about why I hated this book should go up Monday
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I liked the first book, had high hopes for this one, but so far I'm a bit underwhelmed. Not hating it, by any means, but also not fully loving it. We'll see how it goes.

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Almost done

I did a Twitter poll Sunday to pick an old TBR book for me to read this week. Let me tell you, it's an adjustment reading a print book after more than a year straight of just my Kindle!

By the way, I'll be doing these polls every Sunday (ending Monday), so if you want to help me pick a book, look for the #TBQsTBR hashtag there!

A bit slower week for me, compared to recent weeks; I've not been feeling great, including finding out Thursday that I somehow picked up a case of pink eye, so my reading and blog time went down a bit since then.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


Until Next Time,

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