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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning, I'm sorry in advance to your debit card, ladies! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deals ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


 Go With Me

Scarred heroine + older brother’s best friend
Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

✦ Captured Innocence
Former Marine must go undercover in a BDSM club to find a killer
Romantic Suspense

✦ The List
Heroine has a list of 20 things to do before 20
Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

✦ Make-Believe Wedding
Pretend engagement between friends!
Contemporary Romance

✦ Hot Stuff

She’s a publicist, he’s a businessman/former football legend
Contemporary Romance

✦ Fire and Water

Scarred cop + lifeguard
M/M Romance

✦ Wolf’s Promise

Shifter hero; h/hr are both being held captive and must escape
Paranormal Romance

✦ Her SEALed Fate

Ex-SEAL dealing with PTSD and falling for a coworker (business exec)
Romantic Suspense

✦ Boarded by Love

Hockey player + secret burlesque dancer
Contemporary Romance / New Adult


 Promise Me Heaven

She seeks “retired” rake to teach her to seduce a man
Historical Romance

 Jackson’s Trust

Sports analyst + tomboy reporter 
Contemporary Romance

 Fury of Fire

Dragon shifter leader must take a human mate
Paranormal Romance

The rest of the Dragonfury series is also on sale, $0.99 each: Kindle

 Take Me Tender

He’s sworn off women for the year, she’s his new private chef
Contemporary Romance

 Falling for the Bad Girl

Detective + the jewel thief he arrested
Contemporary Romance

 One Funeral

Book 2 in the series, follows the same couple
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Theory of Attraction
She helps her rocket-scientist neighbor with “social” lessons
I liked this one
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Sweet Taste of Sin
Second chance between bakery owner + Hollywood bad boy
Contemporary Romance

✦ Act of Command
Lionshifter/leader of a para special ops team
Paranormal Romance

✦ Safe Haven
She won’t leave her home so he’s going to protect her (detective hero)
Romantic Suspense

✦ Croc’s Return
Returning veteran (and croc shifter) + the woman he left behind
Paranormal Romance

✦ Mine to Hold
She’s escaping a killer in her past, he’s a hotel tycoon who runs covert ops
Romantic Suspense

✦ Masters and Mercenaries Bundle

3 books. Includes a PI heroine
Contemporary Romance

✦ So Into You

Photographer + rich businessman, both have hang-ups about relationships
M/M Romance

✦ Single Malt

FBI partners, one is older than the other
M/M Romance / Suspense

✦ Surviving Broken

She works in the fashion industry, finds him in her pool
Contemporary Romance

✦ Clover Park Boxed Set

3 books, including a single mom + fake husband!
Contemporary Romance

✦ Taken by Storm

She has powers, is one of the last of her kind sent to protect Earth
Paranormal Romance

 ✦ Dirty Sexy Secret

Journalist heroine + cop hero; they were foster siblings for a bit
Contemporary Romance

✦ No Strings Attached

She’s slightly older + admin assistant, he’s a history teacher
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Alpha’s Fight

Heroine wakes up with no memory or connection to her wolf half
Paranormal Romance

✦ Rock It

She works at a talent agency, rock star picks her to work on his tour
Contemporary Romance

✦ In Skates Trouble

Older, curvy heroine + hockey player + 1NS
Contemporary Romance


 Lie With Me

Delta Force operative + espionage thriller author 
Romantic Suspense

✦ Whisper to Me of Love
Rich American in London gets pick-pocketed by heroine
Historical Romance

✦ Dakota Born
New girl in town + farmer
Contemporary Romance

✦ Radio Silence
She falls for her roommate’s brother while they try to stay alive
Dystopian Romance (NA)

 ✦ Stranger on the Shore
Investigative journalist + lawyer + old kidnapping mystery
M/M Romance / Suspense + Mystery

✦ The Bedding Proposal
Hero in pursuit, she’s a divorcee
Historical Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Those Texas Nights
Jilted city girl  + town police chief
Contemporary Romance

✦ If You Give a Rake a Ruby

She’s a courtesan, he works with the Foreign Office
Historical Romance

✦ Haunted by Your Touch

3 novellas: fallen angels, anarchistic demons, warrior wizards
Paranormal Romance

✦ The Deep End

“Alpha submissive” hero. BDSM club
Contemporary Erotica

✦ Mercury Striking

She can cure the disease that’s destroyed the world
Post Apocalypse Romance / Suspense

✦ Bite Me, Your Grace

Lord Vampire of London + neighbor/inspiring author
Paranormal Romance / Historical


✦ Booty Call

Their relationship starts off just as the title says; he’s older than her
Contemporary Romance


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