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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning, I'm sorry in advance to your debit card, ladies! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deals ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


 No Weddings
Book 1 in a series (same couple); Bar owner + baker
Contemporary Romance

 Playing with Her Heart
Director + Broadway actress
Contemporary Romance

✦ Love on a Spring Morning
Single dad/widower + actress 
Contemporary Romance

✦ Love Restored

Heroine is a piercer at the tattoo parlor
Contemporary Romance

✦ From Jennifer Ashley, With Love

3 novels, each a different series. Includes jaguar hero
Paranormal Romance

✦ Night with a SEAL

She doesn’t do 1NS or SEALS . . . except him
Romantic Suspense


 Under His Skin
Tattoo artist wants a weekend fling with her old crush
Contemporary Romance

✦ Shopping for an Heir
Former SEAL/artist inherits billions – but there’s a catch: her.
Contemporary Romance

✦ Shut Out
Hockey player hero, NA/college setting
Contemporary Romance

 Heart of the Wolf
Forbidden love, he’s a beta wolf
Paranormal Romance

The rest of the Heart of the Wolf series is also $0.99 each

 Return to Me
B and B owner + photojournalist/ex bad boy returns home
Romantic Suspense

 The Making of a Duchess
She’s sent to spy on him, post French Revolution
Historical Romance

✦ Backstage Pass

Psychologist wants to study groupies, falls for lead guitarist 
Contemporary Erotica

✦ Engaging the Bachelor

Doctor hero + fake relationship
Contemporary Romance

✦ To Conquer a Highlander

Highland laird + his enemy’s daughter
Historical Romance

The rest of the Hot Highlanders Series is also $0.99 right now

✦ Texas Heat

Surprise inheritance/will requirements throw these two together
Contemporary Romance

✦ Enraptured

Warrior + Siren assassin sent to kill him
Paranormal Romance

✦ Patience

Tattoo artist + artist hero in a celibacy bet
M/M Romance

✦ The Night is Mine

SOAR pilots go undercover to protect the First Lady
Romantic Suspense / Military

✦ Love Drunk Cowboy

Rancher hero wants his city-girl neighbor’s land
Contemporary Romance

The rest of the Spikes and Spurs series is also $0.99 right now

✦ The Highlander’s Sword

Arranged marriage; she was set to enter the convent
Historical Romance

The rest of the Highlander Series is also $0.99 right now

✦ At Attention

May/December, Navy SEAL widower with kids
TBQ Rec | Review
M/M Romance

✦ The Heir

Earl falls for his housekeeper
Historical Romance

The rest of the Windham Series is on sale for $0.99 as well

✦ Hell on Wheels

Ex-Marine sniper + his best friend’s little sister
Romantic Suspense

The rest of the Black Knights, Inc series is on sale for $0.99 as well

✦ Touch the Dark

She can see the future/communicate w/ spirits; he’s a master vampire
Urban Fantasy / PNR

✦ My Scandalous Duke
Young widow seeks old friend’s help to find a husband
Historical Romance

✦ Kiss of Steel
He's a vampire, she is in his territory to hide
Paranormal Romance / Steampunk

✦ A Royal Pain

She’s been dating a British doctoral student, aka a secret Duke
Contemporary Romance

✦ Cover Me

They’re both stuck in a snowstorm after he tries to rescue her
Romantic Suspense

✦ I Love This Bar

Bar owner + cowboy
Contemporary Romance


 The Lady and the Unicorn
Game warden heroine bargains with a tycoon
Contemporary Romance

 Loving Lord Ash
He thinks she cheated, she’s set to get him back
Historical Romance

✦ Fatal Affair
D.C. detective heroine + a senator’s chief of staff
Romantic Suspense

 The Forbidden Rose
French aristocrat disguised as a governess + spy after her
Historical Romance

Also, book 1 – The Spymaster’s Lady -- is currently $2.99

 Time Served
Second chance. Lawyer heroine + ex-con hero
Contemporary Romance

She runs a resort with her sisters, he’s an FBI agent
Romantic Suspense

 Pack Enforcer
Human heroine + wolf Enforcer hero
Paranormal Romance

✦ Highlander in Disguise

She’ll find his family heirloom if he teaches her how to snare a man
Historical Romance

✦ Last Chance Beauty Queen

Small town girl + English royalty
Contemporary Romance

✦ The Husband Hunt

Scottish heroine fleeing a forced marriage + English lord
Historical Romance

✦ Body Rocks

Heroes are from rival bands, currently in a competition
M/M Romance


Zombie outbreak; one hero was a cop. M/F/M
Dystopian Romance / Menage

✦ The Firebrand
She’s been raising his missing baby, must now marry him
Historical Romance

✦ Romancing the Inventor
Novella, Maid + cross-dressing scientist 
F/F Romance --- PNR/Steampunk

✦ The Good Fight

Neurosurgeon heroine + ex-fighter hero
Contemporary Romance

✦ Forbidden

He rescued her and now he can’t stop thinking about her
Historical Romance

✦ Season for Temptation

He falls for his fiancĂ©e’s stepsister instead
Historical Romance


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