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Whatcha Reading? (104)

A new Saturday post where you can share with us what you are currently (or just finished) reading and I will share my brief thoughts on books that I read during the previous week.

June 18th - 24th:

The Cartographer by Tamsen Parker

Kindle | Kobo
Releases Monday!
Rating = 4 Stars

  • Kinky as hell
    • Well done kink at that; Parker knows what she's doing
  • Nice dose of emotional punches, most especially towards the "Oh shit" and grovel parts
  • Rey
    • Total Dom, in all things
      • In short, he's a kink trainer
        • I think of him as similar to Kingsley from Reisz's series
          • "Controls"/knows/helps everyone in the kink world
    • Hero of color (Latino)
  • Allie
    • Ex military
    • Tatts
    • Newbie to the kink world
      • Rey introduces him to everything, helps him explore his likes and dislikes
    • Also hero of color (he is black)
  • Really interesting world and characters
    • Yes, even when some of the kinks were not really my thing, I was definitely intrigued and curious to read about it
  • First time reading Parker but won't be my last

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Love Irresistibly by Julie James

Audiobook from Overdrive
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Narrator = Karen White
Narration rating = 2.5 - 3 Stars
Rating = 2.5 - 3 Stars

  • Lawyer heroine
    • General counsel at a restaurant corporation
  • Lawyer hero
    • Assistant US Attorney
  • Meet when he needs her assistance setting up surveillance in the restaurant, to catch a dirty politician
  • Later a single hook up turns into something more
  • Here's the thing: My low rating isn't because there was anything really WRONG with the book. It's because I was zoning out/bored during a lot of it
    • HOWEVER, I think that's largely due to the narrator
      • I've listened to White before (she's done some of Shalvis's books) and I'm just not fond of her, I always zone out easily when listening to a book she narrates
  •  That being said, it was an easy read, not a bunch of conflict, angst, or other sub plots (which could be part of the reason why I wasn't captivated by it, tbh)

Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren

Overdrive -- Ebook
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Rating = 2 Stars

  • Older heroine (33), successful talent agent in LA
  • Younger hero (26), up-and-coming talent agent recently transferred from NY to LA
  • Meet at a mutual friend's party
    • Cute meet -- they end up being the only singles there AND coincidentally are both dressed as HP characters (Hermoine and Harry)
  • Rivals/coworkers
    • Their two companies merge and suddenly they're battling to see which one keeps their position in the aftermath
  • There was potential here! So much -- the beginning meeting was fun and cute. The heavy petting was sexy (if vague)! And there were definitely some fun lines and scenes throughout.
  • BUT after the beginning meet-cute, it kind of went downhill from there
    • I didn't always like Carter, he was too often a bit of a jerk to her, especially not wanting to actually LISTEN to her about her experience as a woman and double standards in the workplace, etc.
    • I didn't really connect with her either.
    • Dual 1st POV
      • At times, especially in the beginning, I had to flip back and see whose POV I was reading because their voices were not distinct enough. Not a good sign, tbh, though it did get better late on (and she has more POV than he does, I think)
    • Didn't really feel the romance. At all
      • It was pretty much MIA, actually
        • Too much hot-then-cold, mostly cold
          • The petty jokes and competition could have been fun to watch the sparks and banter fly but instead it was annoying before long because the romance was so MIA, nothing to balance the fighting out
      • And the sex . . . Was also MIA and what little we get is late in the book, quick, and vague.
        • Which isn't a problem, exactly, but I'm saying that sometimes hot sex can help to move an otherwise meh book forward for me and that wasn't even the case here
          • Their previous books have been waaaaay hotter, but this one was almost PG13. Just another disappointment for me
  • Overall: Had potential, a few fun spots, but ultimately very disappointing for me.
    • I would recommend their Wild Seasons series if you want to try them -- those are all great! This one was just . . .eh, pass. Glad it was a library book.
  • Honestly, I think this would have worked great as a rom-com movie, but the execution as a romance novel was lacking

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The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

Audiobook from Overdrive
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Narrator = Rosalyn Landor
Narration rating = 4 1/2 Stars
Rating = 4 Stars

  • First time reading Quinn in a long time -- I'm glad I picked this one up on a whim [none of my holds are in and I had to search through the limited available now section of my library]
  • This was just a charming, enjoyable read
    • I had a smile on my face quite often throughout
    • Especially the end scene, which was perfection and gave me all the happy sighs.
      • Spoiler: It involves him still counting up all the times he tells her "I love you". :)
  • Narrator -- I love Landor, have listened to her before with other historicals and she does such an amazing job. I kind of wish she would do all the HRs out there because I've become spoiled by her voice

The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

Rating = 4 Stars
Kindle | NOOK | Kobo

  • This week's #TBQsTBR pick
    • I've had this ARC (and the rest of the trilogy ARCs) for, um, nearly 3 years and I'm not sure how I missed them but I'm remedying this ASAP!
      • Nearly 4 1/2, really. But since my copy is still an ARC, and the format was wonky, it did affect my reading flow, tbh. Not the book's fault, of course
  • He's a rock star (in a band with his brothers, they all get a story!)
    • Beard, tatts, and nipple piercings, oh my!
  • She's a small town librarian
    • She has tattoos (hidden under her clothes, of course)
  • They had two weeks together when they were younger and the band was just getting started, now they're both in the same town and want to try it again
  • Super sexy!
  • But also super sweet and cute
    • Especially Natalie, she tells him exactly what set her off, why she feels a certain way, and if he did something wrong.
  • Really love the brothers and their interactions, can't wait to read their books
  • Love that Natalie has good female friendships -- more of that, too, please!

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I know this one is going to be gut-wrenching with the emotions. But I also know Dev writes beautiful stories so I'm ready. :)

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Out 7/4!

My first time reading Sebastian.

So what are YOU currently reading? 


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