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"Say Yes": Flash Fic, Short Excerpt + Giveaway!

Say Yes, a kinky M/M from J.R. Gray, was rereleased this week with a lovely new cover and everything! To celebrate, I've got a little flash fic / bonus scene, a short excerpt from the book, and a tour giveaway!

Plus, Say Yes is only $0.99!

Say Yes by J.R. Gray
Publisher: Gray Books (July 24, 2017)
Series: Bound to be Naughty
Genre: M/M Erotica -- BDSM

James failed.
He tried to be what they wanted.
He tried to deny it.
He tried to be a good Catholic boy…but it’s become too much.
He craves pain, submission.
He’s denied himself far too long, and it’s eating him alive.

Charles thrives off the exchange of power. He knows the world revolves around control. It’s given and taken like currency, in business and in pleasure. He won’t get attached, though, or so he tells himself, until James turns his world upside down. He’s defiant and snarky, but Charles can taste the submission on him.

Charles holds the key to his salvation but James has to Say Yes.

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Flash Fic Scene for Say Yes

“Let’s play a game.”
James groaned. He was both excited and nervous about the potential. “You realize we are going to your boss’ house?”
“I am well aware, and she’s not my boss, she’s the managing partner.”
“Won’t she be mad?”
“Probably, but she has a boy locked in her basement so she has no room to talk.”
James raised a brow, way more curious than he should be. “Are all of you kinky?”
“Kinky people stick together.” He laughed.
“We understand each other, so we give people in our circle more leniencies, which is probably why we stick together.”
James laughed. “So you need a partner that understands office sex?”
“We all have needs, little wolf.”
James groaned again. “You just know all my buttons.”
“Isn’t that half the point?”
“It makes it too easy for you.” James looked over at him, resisting the urge to fix his tie. “Now tell me this game you want to play.”
“I’m going to send you a series of messages throughout the dinner and I want you to do all of them.” Charles’ expression didn’t give anything away.
“What kind of messages?” James’ mouth was dry.
“You’ll see when you get the first one.”
James drew in a slow breath as the pulled into the drive of a building close to Charles’.
“You don’t have to play. You’re here as my boyfriend. A no is acceptable.”
James narrowed his eyes.
Charles held up his hands as the driver opened the door. “I swear to you. I will not be upset if you say no.”
“You know what I’m going to say.” James smoothed a hand over his suit as he stepped out behind Charles.
“So say it then.” Charles slipped his hand in James’ and he melted a little. Charles was the perfect mixture of gentlemen, dominant, and a little evil. Well rounded and James loved all three traits.
“Perfect. Check your phone. The first task is there.”
James pulled his phone out of his pocket as they stepped inside. “When did you send this?”
“Before we left the apartment.”
James couldn't help but laugh. “How did I miss it.”
“I did it when you were putting your coat on and slipped it in the pocket.”
“You knew I wouldn’t feel it.”
He didn’t reply, instead he unlocked his phone and read the message.
I want a picture of you fully undressed and hard for me in the bathroom.
“Is bastard the word you are searching for?”
James ground his teeth. “Yes.”
“I’ll send the second message after you complete the first task.”
“How many of these are there going to be?” James asked.
“Five, and if you complete them all there will be a reward.”
James had to turn to the side in the elevator so he could adjust. “Okay.” He had a good idea they were only going to get harder from here, but he also knew the reward would be worth it.

“I mean…Yes…Sir.” 

~ J.R. Gray

Say Yes by J.R. Gray

“It’s a good thing I never lose.” He turned away, with astute arrogance which couldn’t be faked. It took years of Upper East Side inbreeding to obtain the level of innate sophistication, above even the level of wealth James had been raised with.

“Maybe this will be the first time,” even as James said the words he wanted to swallow them back. 
“I don’t think so.” Charles’s voice was almost sing-songy.

“Cocky dick,” James muttered under his breath, not loud enough for Charles to hear him, or so he thought.

“I think you need a little bit of this dick.” He kept getting further away, and James felt like he was losing him.

“Come back here.”

“Well since you asked so nicely.” He flashed him a wink and stalked in close, like the last twenty minutes hadn’t happened. He lifted a hand and placed it at the base of James’ neck.

“Not here.” James glanced around. No one was looking, but they were still so exposed, which seemed an absurd idea considering where they were, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it—yet.

Yet? Where had that idea come from? James was reeling. He’d never even given in to the temptation of fucking a man, and now he was considering submitting to one in public. He must have lost his damn mind.

Charles fisted a hand in his shirt. “Tell me where?”

The look in his eyes made his knees weak. “Who’s the dominant here?”

Charles tightened his grip on James’ throat. The pressure wasn’t suffocating, but arousing, owning—possessive even. He’d never felt so turned on in his life. The next morning he’d expect to find bruises.

“I want you, and I’m going to have you.” Charles’ voice had dropped so low, James could barely hear it. 

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