Sunday, August 6, 2017

Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning, I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deals ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ A Little Harmless Sex

She’s always wanted him, he’s finally giving in

Contemporary Erotica

 Healed by Love

Returning military hero + (late) best friend’s younger sister

Contemporary Romance

✦ Prime Minister

Kinky Prime Minister + vanilla (for now) intern

Contemporary Erotica / BDSM

✦ Finding Lyla

World famous ballerina + her new bodyguard

Romantic Suspense

✦ The Chocolate Garden

Single mother/landscaper + songwriter/lawyer

Contemporary Romance
Pat Rec | Review

✦ A Magical Shift 

Witch + alpha wolf shifter

Paranormal Romance


✦ Instant Attraction

Accountant heroine + co-owner of a wilderness expedition company

Contemporary Romance

✦ Treading Water

Hero w/ kids (wife in coma) + single mom / interior designer 

Contemporary Romance

✦ If He’s Wicked

Heroine w/ psychic powers warns earl of a plot to kill him

Paranormal / Historical Romance

✦ Don’t Speak

Fishermen’s daughter + governor’s son; Little Mermaid retelling

Contemporary Romance

✦ Hunt the Darkness

Witch accidentally uses her magic to have the vampire mate w/ her

Paranormal Romance

✦ Hunted

Witch (can work w/ time and space). They had a 1NS 100 yrs ago

Paranormal Romance

✦ No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It

Werebear leader + curvy heroine

Paranormal Romance

✦ The Room Mate

Her best friend’s younger brother crashes with her; can she resist him?

Contemporary Romance

✦ To Love a Hellion

She’s his friend’s hellion sister and his nemesis; curvy heroine

Historical Romance


Curvy heroine runs town book store + famous actor

Contemporary Romance

✦ Dusk Until Dawn

Bartender/painter + wealthy playboy

Contemporary Romance

✦ Falling for the Groomsmen

Photojournalist + brother’s best friend

Contemporary Romance

✦ Rocky Mountain Freedom

Second chance, MMF. Some kink

Contemporary Romance / Triad 

✦ Duke of Thorns

Duke who needs money + heiress who needs to save her family’s reputation

Historical Romance

✦ Edge of Oblivion

Shifter heroine accused of treason + the assassin sent to kill her

Paranormal Romance

✦ Friction

Lawyer heroine + defense attorney hero

Contemporary Romance

✦ Room for You

Single mother + hockey star

Contemporary Romance
The rest of the series is also $0.99 each


✦ Someone to Love

She was an orphan, now finds out she’s the lost daughter of an Earl

Historical Romance

✦ Addicted

Since her erotic writing is lacking, he decides to help her out w/ lessons

Contemporary Erotica

 The Trouble with Honor

Illegitimate son of a duke + free-spirited debutante

Historical Romance

✦ Stirring Up Trouble

Prim and proper baker + laid-back bartender

Contemporary Romance

✦ Taming the Highlander

Wounded Scot hiding in his castle, she can “read” a person’s past

Paranormal Romance

✦ Home Run

His dreams of playing pro are within reach – until she comes along

Contemporary Romance - Sports

✦ Three Weeks with a Princess

She has her childhood friend teach her how to be a paramour

Historical Romance

✦ Backfire

FBI partners must find out who murdered their friend, a judge

Romantic Suspense

✦ My Devilish Scotsman

Her arranged marriage finally triggers her powers (visions)

Historical Romance w/ PNR

✦ Magnate

Gilded age NYC. Slums-to-steel-magnate + rebellious blue-blood

Historical Romance

✦ Bombshell

Hollywood bad boy + nanny

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress

Heiress w/ her aunt’s bucket list + reporter

Historical Romance


✦ More Than a Stranger

They had a secret correspondence in the past; best friend’s sister

Historical Romance

✦ Dare to Run

He was in a gang, now trying to go straight; bartender heroine

Romantic Suspense

✦ Hittin It

Hitman hero + spunky plus-size heroine

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Last Man on Earth

Rivals at an advertising co.; sparks in the boardroom and bedroom

Contemporary Romance

✦ The Star-Touched Queen

Indian mythology, bit of a Persephone/Hades theme

YA Fantasy


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