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Our Top 5 Holiday Romances!

It's that time of year again -- snow, holidays, good food, and romances to match the season! Today we've each put together a list of our Top 5 Holiday Romances. Hopefully you can find something new to pick up and of course let us know YOUR favorites in the comments below.

Note: Books are listed in no particular order.

Jen's Top 5:

The Dog Who Stole Christmas by Amie Stuart

It’s Christmas, and Matilda is serving out her last week as a lunch lady at the local elementary school where she was once a student. She’s finally finished her college degree and is ready to move on to her dream internship working at an organic farm. The only fly in her ointment is the return of her brother’s best friend and town favorite, NFL star Boomer Kendall. Mattie has convinced herself that she hates Boomer, but he sees right through her bluster. As the whole town watches their shenanigans---including the misadventures of a bright orange, mysteriously dildo-shaped dog toy--Mattie and Boomer admit their true feelings for each other despite all the obstacles. There’s lots of snark and humor in this fast-paced and fun Christmas novella.

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Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James

Accountant Holly North leads a rather boring life, until her friend Ivy asks her to fill in as “Mistress Christmas” at a local strip joint one night. All of Ivy’s dancers and bouncers are sick, and she just needs Holly to put on the sexy outfit and chat up the customers. Holly meets Detective Nick West, undercover in the strip club trying to figure out if the strippers are stealing from the customers. Either way, Nick and Holly hit it off rather spectacularly the first night, and on the second night, the agree to a one-night no holds barred night of sex. (Honestly, considering 70% of this book is them getting it on, it’s amazing how much character development happens.) Will Nick and Holly tell each other the truth and figure out how much they have in common besides unbelievable chemistry?

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Never Christmas Without You by Nana Malone and Reese Ryan

I’m sort of cheating here, but this 2 for 1 package deal from Kimani Romance is too sweet to pass up. Both of  novellas these include lots of big, loving, interfering family trying to meddle with the couples--and what would Christmas be without that? The first story is Just for the Holidays by Nana Malone. Justin’s beloved Grandma Lucy is taken ill and she wants Justin home for the holidays...with his girlfriend. Problem is, Justin invented the girlfriend to keep Grandma Lucy from badgering him about his love life. Wanting to keep Grandma happy, Justin asks his best friend Alex to pose as his girlfriend. Of course she’s been secretly in love with him for years, and wonders how she’ll keep her secret once they have to pretend to be in love. Bonus points for a smarmy evil cousin and even smarmier ex-boyfriend getting their comeuppance. The second novel is His Holiday Gift by Reese Ryan. The story jumps off with Dash finding out he’s a father, that the mother/ex-girlfriend is dead, and his old best friend Mikayla has been raising his little girl. He’s determined to be a good father and he wants full custody of his daughter, but can he find a way to get Mikayla back into his life, too?

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Once Upon a Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt

Viscount Adam Rutledge is traveling with his grandmother to the countryside to celebrate the holidays, but the dreadful weather causes them to have a carriage accident. Adam and his grandmother are lucky to find refuge with another titled family near the accident, including unmarried spinster Sarah St. James. One of the most charming things about Adam is his love for his grandmother, and hers for him. Sarah was taken advantage of in the past, and isn't ready to take a chance on a rake like Adam. She is very aware of his reputation and is determined to keep her distance from him, despite being stuck together over Christmas while his grandmother recovers. But of course they find their way to love. Even though it's brief, the romance between them feels real, with obstacles to be overcome. This is a sweet, fast Christmas read.

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Silver Belles: An over-40 Holiday Anthology by Sarah M. Anderson, Ros Clarke, Laura K. Curtis, Yasmine Galenorn, and Suleikha Snyder

I can’t tell you how much I loved this anthology. I’m a woman of a certain age myself, and it’s nice to read stories about older heroes and heroines. I appreciated that this holiday anthology isn’t just Christmas stories---one is about the winter solstice, and another about Durga Puja, a Bengali religious festival. Finally, there’s not a single billionaire in sight. These are normal people, working normal jobs, meeting each other and falling in love. I enjoyed each story, but my favorite is probably A Taste of Blessings by Suleikha Snyder. Tiya loves her life in Chicago, but is still firmly attached to her roots and family in Ohio. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story before where my own backstory matched the main character’s so perfectly! The quietly meddling family, the blast-from-the-past high school setting, and the chemistry between Tiya and Arnav made this last story my favorite; but this is a powerhouse anthology full of well-written, heartwarming tale of people finding love in their forties and fifties.

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Pat's Top 5:

Pupcakes by Annie England Noblin

A young woman running away from a heartbreaking divorce decides to house sit for an elderly woman in a nursing home. It also includes dog sitting a drooling pug named Teddy Roosevelt. One trip to the dog park and her Christmas miracle may happen.

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Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis

Spencer Baldwin, millionaire genius, nerd and most eligible bachelor meets Colbie Albright after a dog he’s walking dumps her in a fountain. Colbie is a runaway author with writers block looking for a muse. Neither wants a relationship, but there’s Christmas in the air and they’re feeling some sparks. But she’s leaving by Christmas Eve....

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Forever Deep by Kimberly Kincaid

Isabella Moreno,Police Detective, and Kellan Walker, Firefighter are due to be married in seven days. They’re biggest worry so far is the seating chart. Suddenly a cold case, which has very personal implications turns up for Isabella and as always Kellan has her back. Will the Christmas Wedding happen?

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Dead by Midnight by Pamela Clare

A formal holiday party brings the I-Team and their families together. But anywhere the I-Team is, trouble soon follows. Suspense and danger make this an unusual Christmas read. It was last years favorite for me, but it’s coming out in audio and the narrator, Kaleo Griffith, is amazing.

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Santa Paws is Coming To Town by Roxanne St. Claire

The Kilcannon’s gather for the holiday at the home of Daniel Kilcannon ( the Dogfather) . That afternoon a rescue puppy found his way to them, and they named him Jack Frost. He somehow escaped from the barn and everyone is sent out looking for this little guy who would freeze by morning if not found. But Jack Frost reappears with the best Christmas gift the family could ever wish for.

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TBQ's Top 5:

Three Nights Before Christmas by Kat Latham

If you're looking for a fun, and sexy, holiday romance with an interesting heroine and set up, look no further. It had just the right steam-to-laughs ratio, with some mild angst in the form of Lacey trying to get her life back and her record cleared.The fact that it took place during the holidays only added to the charm of this book.

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Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert

Steamy hot but also charming and sweet holiday read. There is some light BDSM in here, as the two discover ropes and Hollis’s kink for being denied his orgasm. There’s a bit of light angst as these two work things out for their HEA. It’s a novella, with about 120 pages or so, but oddly it felt longer – and I mean that in a good way! It’s not that it was dragging; rather, I kept thinking “Yay, it’s not over yet, still X% more to go…”. Does that even make sense? Overall, a deliciously hot read with a good dose of sweet and charming as two friends fall in love over the holidays.

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Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

Sleigh Bells in the Snow is, of course, a holiday romance, and therefore I always go into such stories expecting a bit of holiday magic. But Morgan gave us so much more; this story, this entire community, was so magical, the atmosphere so beautiful, I wanted nothing more than to fly off to Vermont and stay. I'd do so even if I couldn't get my own Jackson to keep! :) Morgan did not just write a lovely story, she created something special, a story that lures you in, hands you a cup of hot cocoa, and treats you like family. The feeling of warmth, love, and that indescribable holiday cheer overtook me, and I was happy to curl up on the couch with this book, visiting with the O'Neils.

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A Fortunate Blizzard by L.C. Chase

An emotional whammy of a story that begins with a blizzard, and perhaps a bit of fate, and leads to so much more than either Marc or Trevor expected. And the sex? Fantastic. Great chemistry from the start, and beautiful intimacy, too, especially during their lovemaking scene after Trevor releaved his health issues to Marc. Just, GAH. So, so good, trust me. Heat, emotions, and a tender romance all rolled into one.

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Winter Wonderland by Heidi Cullinan

First of all, this book started out with such a fun opening chapter involving snow penises left on Paul's doorstep. It only gets better from there! Winter Wonderland gave me a warm, comfy feeling. It's a very sweet romance, but still has ample steam, too. If you want an easy winter romance between a toppy nurse and the slightly older, lovable man he's had a crush on for years, this is it. 

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There you have it -- our favorite holiday romances! I hope you found something new to pick up this season. But you know sharing is caring, right? So you should tell us what YOUR favorite holiday romances are!


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