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Pat's Review: Sunset Bay Sanctuary

Sunset Bay Sanctuary by Roxanne Snopek
Publisher: Zebra Shout (November 28, 2017)
Series: Sunset Bay, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The spectacular scenery and craggy beaches draw tourists to the small Oregon town of Sunset Bay. But Sanctuary Ranch offers a different kind of experience: a refuge for people--and animals--desperate for a new beginning . . . 

Haylee Hansen has made a career out of caring for and training the dogs and horses on her aunt's ranch. Part halfway house, part work camp, it also gives troubled kids and adults the tough love they so desperately need. Haylee should know. She was her aunt's first success story. But now her turbulent past is about to show up on her doorstep . .

After thirteen years running a level one emergency room in Portland, Aiden McCall arrives in Sunset Bay a broken man. Anger and anxiety have nearly taken over his life--and could sabotage his new job at the local hospital. Until someone proposes an unconventional solution: a therapy dog.

Haylee has seen her share of damaged people, but no one like Aiden. As she tries to match him with the perfect dog, he'll help her to see that no one has a perfect life. And that opening yourself up to love is the only way to heal your soul . . .

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Pat's Review:

A contemporary romance filled with dogs, awesome characters, and two very troubled people slowly learning to love.

Haylee Hansen and her aunt Olivia run Sanctuary Farm. Haylee is the dog trainer for rescue dogs she tries to rehabilitate and train as service dogs. Olivia keeps the farm running and is known for taking difficult to place kids and giving them a home. It’s also a dude ranch for families who want to get the real farm experience.

Aiden McCall (Dr. Mac) is the new ER physician. He is an excellent doctor, but after losing his son and his marriage after a horrible traffic accident, he has been having debilitating PTSD symptoms.  He has panic attacks and terrible nightmares. A temporary stint in a small town ER seemed the perfect place to work on his problems. Aiden and Haylee first meet when her dog Jewel decided Aiden needed rescuing on a quiet stretch of rocky beach, and took him down. Lots of laughter ensued and Haylee suddenly feels a long dead spark of attraction. She doesn’t want anyone in her life but her dogs, but the spark has been lit.

These two damaged people are drawn together when a person from Haylee’s past stirs long forgotten heartbreak and sorrow, and Aiden is encouraged to try a therapy dog. A slow, sensual love story grows between Aiden and Haylee and it’s a lovely read.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! This one sounds lovely, definitely adding it to my list.

Have you read Roxanne Snopek?


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