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Book Deals: Weekly Recap

Warning: I'm sorry in advance to your debit card! 

Make sure that you double check the price before one-clicking! As you know, sometimes the deal ends unexpectedly or there's a glitch, etc.

Listed lowest to highest. 

These are all the deals I listed Mon - Sat. In case you missed those posts, I'm sharing them all here. It's long, but I hope you find something good!


✦ Falling Fast by Kaylea Cross

She’s a computer forensics detective with the DEA, he’s a DEA Special Agent, they go undercover

Contemporary Romance

✦ Mad for Love by Elizabeth Essex

He finds forgeries in London’s art world; her father is a forger, but now she needs the hero’s help to steal something back and save her family

Historical Romance

 Cora's Heart by Rachael Herron

Widow + late husband’s cousin.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Watch Me by Cynthia Eden

Socialite + the bodyguard her father hires for her; stalker plot

Romantic Suspense

 Montana Darling by Debra Salonen

Both had great lives but suffered some hits and losses. They meet when she claims the land he’s squatting on is hers

Contemporary Romance

 MacFarland's Lass by Glynnis Campbell

She was the jeweler to the Queen, now falsely accused of theft; he’s the huntsman tasked with preventing her escape

Historical Romance

✦ Going Hard by Kelsey Browning

Second chance, secret baby. Sports agent + blacksmith heroine. Stalker plot

Romantic Suspense

✦ Fatal Truth by Misty Evans

TV reporter uncovers secret government plans and “super soldiers”, putting her in danger. He’s a former SEAL and must keep her safe

Romantic Suspense

✦ The Duke in Denial by Alexandra Ainsworth

Duke + returning war Captain

Historical Romance -- M/M Romance

✦ Carved in Stone by Donna McDonald

Retired principal/stone sculptor (53) + art teacher (47) 

Contemporary Romance


✦ His Perfect Partner by Priscilla Oliveras

Ad executive single dad + dance instructor (for his daughter).

Slow burn, no sex. I like this one

Contemporary Romance

✦ Just for Now by Rosalind James

Rugby player needs a temp nanny/housekeeper. Newly divorced teacher looking to start over takes the job

Contemporary Romance

✦ Never Love a Scoundrel by Darcy Burke

BatB type; scarred hero who stays away from society + beautiful society miss who wants to help him make a return to it

Historical Romance

✦ The Undaunted Debutantes Series by Christina McKnight

3 books. 3 debutantes are solving the murder of their friend, plus getting their own HEA

Historical Romance

✦ Friend (With Benefits) Zone by Laura Brown

1st POV. Best friends move in together. Both are deaf.

Contemporary Romance

✦ Now That I've Found You by Bella Andre

Artist hero + reality TV star

Contemporary Romance

✦ A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill

Archaeologist heroine broke the rules of time travel and left 

something in the past; trying to recover it lead to the death of the 

hero’s brother, so now the hero is out for revenge

Time Travel Romance

✦ Only In My Dreams by Darcy Burke

Events planner has a 1NS with her HS crush (divorced and ex-military, he’s a construction contractor)

Contemporary Romance

✦ Discovering Harmony by Melanie Shawn

Southern beauty + cop

Contemporary Romance

✦ Texas Wide Open by KC Klein

Second chance with the cowboy next door. She’s back at the ranch b/c of her sick father

Contemporary Romance

✦ Behind a Lady's Smile by Jane Goodger

Raised in Yosemite, she asks a visiting photographer to escort her to England where her titled grandparents are waiting

Historical Romance

✦ Resurrection by Katie Reus

She’s CIA and faked her death to save him (he’s a former Marine). But her sacrifice didn’t help and now they’re both in danger again

Romantic Suspense

✦ A Love to Remember by Bronwen Evans

Wealthy widow takes up with her first love (reclusive earl)

Historical Romance

✦ Targets Entangled by Kennedy Layne

Former Marine hero + former Navy heroine. Paramilitary hostage rescue team

Romantic Suspense

✦ Freed by Stacey Kennedy

Widow hasn’t dared to explore her submissive side with a new Dom – until the hero comes along

Contemporary Erotica

✦ Playing by the Greek's Rules by Sarah Morgan

Archaeologist decides to let loose and have a fling with her boss (Greek playboy)

Contemporary Romance

✦ Worth the Fall by Mara Jacobs

He’s a defenseman in the NHL. Sounds like they’ve known each other for years

Contemporary Romance

✦ Love and Blarney by Zara Keane

Marriage in trouble. He had to return to Ireland to take over his family’s pub, she follows to mend things once and for all

Contemporary Romance

✦ Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor by Anna Bradley

He makes a deal: if she marries him, he’ll keep her sister’s secret, which would ruin her if it got out

Historical Romance

✦ Testing Luke by Mallory Crowe

Billionaire teams up with the FBI to bring down a shady organization threatening his family; heroine is the agent working with him

Contemporary Romance

✦ Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice

Interior designer + former SEAL; the bad guys are after her

Romantic Suspense

✦ Stranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell

She’s embraced being a spinster, but her father has found “the perfect man”, who shows up during a storm. Forced proximity catnip!

Historical Romance


✦ Best Worst Mistakes by Lia Riley

Smoke jumper in his isolated cabin + Hollywood star starting over in the small town; arsonist plot, too

Contemporary Romance

✦ Bayside Desires by Melissa Foster

Co-owner of a big resort + his new neighbor, a preschool teacher

Contemporary Romance

✦ Glow by Beth Kery

Heroine with a past, is suddenly recruited by mysterious CEO, ends up falling for him

Contemporary Erotica
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Crazy On You by Rachel Gibson

Divorced mom/business owner + police officer

Contemporary Romance

✦ Burn for You by J.T. Geissinger

Heir to a bourbon dynasty offers a chef in need lots of money (her 

mom is ill) . . . in exchange for marriage (required for him to 


Contemporary Romance

✦ Bengal's Quest by Lora Leigh

Warning: Book 30(!!!). Rogue Bengal out for revenge [in this world, they were experimented on, not born]

Paranormal Romance

✦ Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick

Notorious crime lord + psychic powers + a legendary curse

Historical / Paranormal Romance

✦ McKettrick's Heart by Linda Lael Miller

Cynical hero doesn’t trust any women (other than his daughter) . . . until he starts to fall for the mysterious new woman in town

Contemporary Romance

✦ Blocked by L.P. Dover

1st POV. Goaltender hero + his rival’s sister. She also plays hockey.

Contemporary Romance

✦ A Very Merry Princess by Susan Mallery

Princess goes undercover as a stable hand at the hero’s ranch

Contemporary Romance

✦ Tangled in Time by Barbara Longley

Set in Ireland. She see’s ghosts. He’s a centuries-old Celtic warrior cursed by the fae

Time Travel Romance

✦ Tempting Her Neighbor by Laura Jardine

Set in Canada. She’s a waitress (also: unabashedly loves sex); he’s the grumpy software developer next door

Contemporary Romance

✦ Love Only Once by Johanna Lindsey 

He abducts her, which leads to her ruination and their marriage. Book 1 in this beloved series

Historical Romance


✦ Assassins in Love by Kris DeLake

He’s a rogue assassin and she’s tasked with bringing him into the guild or make him give up his guns

Science Fiction Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

✦ Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Set around a motorcycle club. Heroine is the daughter of the club leader, so she’s off limits to the hero

Contemporary Romance
Kindle | NOOK 

$2.99 ✦ Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

He’s the leader and last pureblood vampire; she doesn’t know she’s a half-blood herself

Paranormal Romance

$2.99 ✦ His Wicked Reputation by Madeline Hunter

A bastard son of a duke is investigating missing art work; she copies artwork to sell and support her and her sister

Historical Romance
I liked this one
Kindle | NOOK 


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