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Pat's Quickie Review: Should've Been You

Should’ve Been You by Nicole McLaughlin
Publisher: Swerve (January 30, 2018)
Series: Man Enough, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Childhood neighbors get a chance at love in Should’ve Been You, an achingly romantic novella in Nicole McLaughlin’s Man Enough series!

National Guardsman Jase Beckford wants to live a quiet life raising cattle and taking care of his mother. His childhood friend and neighbor Hannah is still his best friend, but when he walks into the Walters house one morning and sees her twin sister Becca for the first time in five years, he wonders if he missed out on something special.

Becca Walters has nursed a secret crush on Jase since childhood, but he always preferred Hannah, so she buried her feelings assuming her sister and Jase would one day turn their flirtation into a real relationship. And this Christmas, she is anticipating a proposal of her own, so Jase’s reappearance in her life doesn’t mean anything. Much. Okay, maybe more than Becca would like to admit.

However, when Becca’s sister gets engaged to someone who’s not Jase, Becca and Jase find themselves spending more together. And when secrets are revealed, suddenly those dormant feelings come back to life; but is the possibility of something between them worth risking the happiness of everyone they love?

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Pat's Review:

Jase Beckford wanted to get out of his home town of Pierson, Kansas for a lot of reasons after high school. Pierson, was a SMALL small town and didn’t even have a grocery store, but most of all, it was living with an abusive father that made him want to leave. He immediately joined the Army and went wherever they sent him. After serving he realized, much to his surprise, that he missed ranching and his hometown. He returned, his dad was dead, he lived with his Mom and set up his cattle breeding business on leased property from his mentor, savior, and next door neighbor, Tim Walters.  Tim and his family took Jase under their wing after his dad beat him unconscious. Jase was friends with Tim's daughters, Hannah and Becca, too.

Hannah was life-of-the-party sister, while Becca was more quiet and willing to sit in her sister’s shadow. Except when it came to Jase. She had a huge crush on him, especially after his injuries. But Hannah claimed him, and they have been a couple ever since. She was the woman in Jase’s life, “sort of". He was always her plus-one, but no sex, no commitment he just was there for her. Becca has been away since college, and is now a teacher in a town a few hours away. She was home for the holidays, hoping for an engagement ring, and helplessly comparing her boyfriend to Jase. A misunderstanding had pushed them apart as teenagers, but after figuring it out, and letting the past be the past, they realized their feelings for each other have gone deep.

A very entertaining contemporary romance with a lot of heart.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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